Why You Should Install Axial Flow Fans In Your Factory

Axial flow fans have wide applications in industries and commercial setups. These include sucking hot air from trenches, heat-generating machines; ventilation of closed spaces; fume and dust extraction; air conditioning. 

Here are a few benefits of using axial flow fans.

  1. They make airflow efficient: Axial fans produce a large volume of air at regular speed. Their airfoil blades help in ensuring even air circulation. 
  2. The speed of axial fans can be varied: Depending on the specific needs of your setup, you can change the speed of the axial fans. The fans will continue to produce high airflow. 
  3. They are durable and long-lasting: They are generally made from aluminum or steel, which makes them durable, reliable, lightweight, user-friendly, and capable of withstanding harsh environments. Some axial flow fan manufacturers provide spark-resistant, aluminum-made propellers also for enhanced safety in high-temperature applications. It is because of the high durability that they are used in ships, airplanes, helicopters, etc. 
  4. They are easy to maintain: Axial fans have simple and open designs. So operational issues can be easily identified during normal routines and rectified in no time. This is what makes axial fans so popular.
  5. They produce less noise: In comparison to other mechanical fans, they produce less noise and are quieter. That’s why they are preferred in setups where keeping the noise levels low has high priority. 

If you are a manufacturer of original equipment and you need axial fans for your recently installed machinery, you must purchase them from a reliable, quality-oriented, and client-centric manufacturer and supplier. You must also ensure that the features of these fans meet all your specific needs.  

Ventech Systems Pvt. Ltd. is a pioneer and leading manufacturer of a wide range of axial fans suitable for every possible need in Industrial Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Dust Extraction, and Fume Extraction Systems. Do contact them whenever you require these fans. They would love to assist you. 

How does a centralized air conditioning system work?

Centralized air conditioning is a convenient and cost-effective method of providing relief from hot, humid weather. It has the following benefits. 

  • It makes environments comfortable and when installed in industrial and commercial setups, it boosts staff efficiency and productivity. 
  • It keeps the air clean by absorbing airborne particles through the air filters. 

As the name ‘centralized air conditioning’ suggests, the entire building is conditioned from a single location. The air is cooled and dehumidified at one location and then it is distributed throughout the whole place with the help of fans and ducts. The main function of a centralized air conditioning system is to throw warm inside air from inside out of the building.

The main components of a centralized air conditioning system are as follows.

  • Fans: They circulate air through the system.
  • Evaporator coils: They change the refrigerant from liquid form to gaseous.
  • Compressor: It compresses the refrigerant gas. This gas enters here at low pressure and low temperature. After compression, it comes out at high pressure and high temperature. 
  • Condenser coils: They turn refrigerant gas into a liquid.  Here, the gas gives up its heat to the medium flowing through the condenser.
  • Refrigerant lines (ductwork): They carry the refrigerant gas between the coils. 
  • Expansion device: It regulates the amount of refrigerant gas flowing to the evaporator.  

And now let’s understand how the centralized air conditioning works. Its basic principle is that when a liquid changes into a vapor, it absorbs some heat and creates a cooling effect.  In the same manner, a chemical in gaseous form, known as the refrigerant, circulates through the AC system. It absorbs heat while changing into a liquid, and the warm air is then dumped outside. This happens in a continuous cycle and produces a cooled, clean environment. 

We hope you find this information useful. Whenever you wish to install an air conditioning system at your setup, do contact Ventech Systems. They would love to assist you. 

Pulse Jet Bag Filters – Their Uses & Features

Pulse jet bag filters have a wide range of applications in various industries for dust collection and control of air pollution. A few examples of these industries are cement, steel, power, food processing, drugs, pharmaceuticals, and tyres. Pulse-jet filtration is an efficient and cost-effective process; it requires little maintenance. This is why it is a popular method of air filtration. 

As their name suggests, pulse jet bag filters remove dust and particulate matter from internal media filter surfaces with the help of bursts of compressed air. They contain no moving parts, so they enable continuous, uninterrupted operations with high filtration efficiency. This ensures that the industrial environment is free of all harmful particulate matter and fumes at all times and meets all the necessary safety standards. These filters are versatile and can be designed as per the client’s needs. 

Ventech Systems, leading manufacturers of pulse jet bag filters, offer a huge range of them with rectangular, square, and cyclonic configurations. They take care of most industrial requirements. The cyclonic configuration is ideal for rice, flour, and pulse mills. Their high dust collection efficiency of 99.997% gives them their good reputation and explains why they are in wide use. 

Pulse jet bag filters can be constructed with different kinds of materials, depending on where and how they are going to be used, e.g., mild steel, stainless steel. 

Here are some more salient features of Ventech’s pulse jet bag filters.

  • They have removable top access panels.
  • Top bag removal is from clean airside.
  • Bags and sleeves have a big range of sizes and fabrics. 
  • Heavy-duty, smooth wire cages support the bags. A collapsible design is also available.
  • Flanges are provided at the inlet, outlet, and dust particles charge hopper.
  • Non-woven synthetic and needle felt materials are generally used for the filter media. But, depending on the applications and characteristics of the particulate matter to be removed, other kinds of filter media may also be used. 

We hope you find the information mentioned above useful. In case you need pulse jet bag filters, do contact Ventech Systems. They would love to assist you. 

How Do You Choose The Right An Axial Flow Fan?

All kinds of axial fans are available in the market. But how do you choose the ones that are perfect for your industrial or commercial setup? This is what we are going to discuss now.

Irrespective of their use, industrial ventilation, air conditioning, dust, and fume extraction, the main work of axial fans is to move air through spaces. Their airflow follows one basic rule: bad air needs to go outside; clear air has to be inside. 

The other specifications about axial fans vary and depend on where they are being used. Here are four main parameters you should consider.
1. Fan model: Because of the huge range of applications of axial fans, manufacturers create different models to accommodate every need of the clients. Each model offers special benefits for certain environments. So you need to give careful consideration to the different models available and choose the one that suits you the most, e.g. Direct Drive or Belt Drive. 

  1. Direct drive axial fans are suitable for low airflow volumes (up to 2000 CFM) and static pressure (up to 0.5”). They don’t need much care and airflow can be controlled in most of them. 
  2. Belt drive axial fans are suitable for airflow volumes (greater than 2000 CFM) and static pressure (greater than 0.5”). With adaptable pulleys, airflow and fan speed can be controlled. 

2. Airflow volume: Once you have decided about the fan model, the next thing to do is to calculate the airflow volume that needs to be exchanged as per this formula: CFM x length x width x height. The fans you install should be able to fulfill these numbers for sufficient ventilation. 
3. Resistance to airflow: Also known as static pressure. This needs to be calculated correctly to determine the correct axial fan. 

4. Loudness limit: May be measured in sones.  How much fan noise is okay? Choose wisely as per the environment in question. 

Ventech Systems, leading manufacturers of axial flow fans, provide fully customized options as per clients’ exact requirements. This helps them ensure complete client satisfaction. Contact them whenever you need axial fans. They would love to assist you. 

What is an evaporative air cooler and how it works?

Evaporative air cooler is like a swamp cooler that is mainly utilized for cooling down the places like warehouses, residential, commercial, outdoor areas, and many other places. It’s a type of air conditioner that mainly works by using the power of evaporation to cool down the air temperatures. It helps in achieving comfortable and ambient temperatures in a different atmosphere. There are multiple benefits of using and installing evaporative cooler India. Let’s see how this air cooler works. 

An evaporative air cooling system takes the evaporation from the atmosphere and then lowers the air temperature in your home. In this cooler, there is a fan, water reservoir, and controls that help in increasing or decreasing the speed and other functioning. The fan inside the cooler draws dry and hot air into the machine and then makes them pass through the cooler pads. During this process, water gets absorbed in the thick pads. The air cooler then blows that cold air into the surrounding or wherever it is placed. In this way, it becomes easy to change the temperature of any space.

Benefits of using evaporative air cooler

  • This air cooler can lower the temperature between 6 to 12 degrees. This all will depend on the external conditions.
  • One of the incredible benefits is that you can save a lot of money as it is energy efficient. It consumes less energy than any sort of air conditioning
  • With this kind of air cooler, there is no need to close your doors or windows. It works perfectly well even in the open surrounding.
  • When it comes to installation, you need not worry as it can be done quickly and easily. The entire installation process is fast and hassle-free.
  • Another important point is that this air cooler helps in improving the air quality by making removal of dust and fumes.
  • These evaporative air coolers are useful for various industries and processing units where a cooler temperature is needed.

In simple words, the evaporative air cooler is a cost-effective way to cool down the temperature of different spaces including indoors and outdoors. Whenever you think of buying a highly efficient and quality assured evaporative air cooler in Noida then make sure to choose the ventech systems. They ensure the best range of evaporative air coolers in vivid technical specifications and models.

Centrifugal Blowers – Features And Applications

Centrifugal blowers provide directional airflow by maximizing static pressure. They are particularly useful in industrial and commercial environments where it is not easy to supply air at a uniform rate. 

Their applications range from fume exhaust, dust handling, material conveying, induced draft, forced draft, etc. They are used in a wide range of industries such as foundries; power, cement, and chemical plants; engineering industries, etc. 

A blower’s main function is to provide and accommodate a large flow of air to various parts of the building. It does this by rotating several blades connected to a hub and shaft with the help of a motor or turbine. A centrifugal blower uses the centrifugal power generated by the rotation of impellers to increase the kinetic energy of air. The air then moves from the impellers into the fan housing. Since the requirements of every plant are unique, their centrifugal blowers need to be customized accordingly. 

Ventech Systems, who are leading manufacturers of these blowers, offer a wide range to suit the specific needs of every client. Depending on the requirements, the impellers in their blowers are of various types:

  • Backward Inclined
  • Backward Curved
  • Backward Flat Sloping
  • Forward Curved
  • Straight Radial

Their fans have 2 types of configuration:

SWSI (Single width, single inlet)

DWDI (Double width, double inlet)

Depending on air discharge and pressure development combinations, single and multiple (parallel or series operation) impellers have been provided.

Here is the size and performance range of Ventech’s centrifugal fans:

  • Size: Impeller diameters – maximum 2050 mm
  • Airflow: SWSI – maximum 125000 CMH; DWSI – maximum 275000 CMH
  • Pressure: Single Stage: maximum 1200 mm.wg. Two-stage: maximum 2500                        mm.wg.
  • Temperature: 425 0C

To withstand the extreme conditions these blowers work in, their components need to be strong and durable.  

In the case of Ventech, here are some salient construction features that go in making them tough and long-lasting.


  • The blowers have a circular air inlet with a rectangular cross-section air outlet port. 
  • Continuously welded fan housings.
  • Have conical shrouds.
  • All housing outlets have a flanged connection.


  • Impeller wheels have multi-blade construction; precision balanced as per ISO: 1940.
  • Blades of special contour to help them handle varied quality air stress.

What benefits come with using centrifugal fans?

Many times, we hear about ventilation and air movement in factories, warehouses, and manufacturing units. These are mainly done with the help of Centrifugal fans. Let’s understand what this fan is and how beneficial it is for multiple applications. This fan is typically demanded and utilized for various commercial, residential and industrial applications to move air through the duct. These are the preferred fans for garage and car washing areas. If we will talk about its design then they have got a simpler design as compared to any other fans.

Here’s the list of the benefits of using this fan at different establishments:

  • This kind of fan offers amazing aerodynamic properties. Because of this, the centrifugal fan ensures better air movement and is suitable for installation in automobiles and other related systems.
  • In terms of efficiency, this fan has no comparison. One of the main reasons for using this fan is its high energy efficiency. In simple words, this kind of fan comes with constant airflow during its operation. Because of this, it can generate energy up to greater efficiency. For maintenance purposes of any air system, increased efficiency is very important.
  • When it comes to easy maintenance, the one name that comes to mind is centrifugal ones. These are specially designed with lighter material so they are easy to be installed and cleaned whenever you want to.  Many air systems come with bulky design and require a lot of time in maintenance. As these Centrifugal fans come with some self-cleaning features, you will get complete relief in the daily maintenance.
  • One of the concerns that people have related to air systems is the overloading. Is this fan specially designed to bear overloading? The best part is that these centrifugal fans are designed in such a way that they can withstand overloading. These fans are featured with horsepower curves that can easily overcome the problem of overloading if the capacity is exceeded. 
  • Another important benefit is that these fans are well suited for longer applications. The moving parts of this fan are enclosed with high-quality material that ensures optimum durability and longer functional hours.

This kind of air system comes with unique attributes that make them suitable for application in various places. Because of all these benefits, there’s a great demand for centrifugal fans for air movement and ventilation.

Why you should choose an axial flow fan?

There are many places such as factories, manufacturing units, and other establishments where you can find the application of Axial flow fan. This kind of fan is extensively demanded to improve air pressure and movement. Many people think it is similar to low-pressure fans but these are different. The axial fan is well suited to be used in several places such as in welding for removing the fumes and gases. It also finds its great application in the steel industry and automobile industry where there is a need of exhausting the air. 

One of the main reasons for using this fan is circulating and boosting the flow of air inside the ducts. This fan is useful in increasing the process of exhaustion in multiple places. 

Let’s check out some of the important benefits of these axial fans that make people choose them over other air systems:

  • One important feature of this fan is the aerodynamic design of the impellers. These help the fan to perform well for the air movement. With this kind of feature, it becomes easy to increase the efficiency of the fans. As this helps in saving a lot of energy, there is a great demand for this fan. 
  • Another important benefit of axial fans is their low maintenance. The low maintenance features make it suitable to be used every day without any stress of complicated maintenance. Apart from this, it has a user-friendly interface that ensures its easy handling. 
  • Low operational noise is another important feature of axial flow fans because of which these are in huge demand in industrial places. In this fan, there are airfoil designs that help in reducing the noise during its operation. Other than this, it is tested on various parameters to ensure its application in harsh climatic and environmental conditions. 
  • If we are talking about the benefits & features of the axial fan then we cannot forget about its longer functional life. Its high and improved mechanical strength has made it possible to use this fan for a longer period.

If you are interested in buying the best quality, affordable and highly efficient axial fans then you must consider choosing Ventech Systems. They ensure high performing flow fans and other similar air systems in varied technical specifications. So, connect with them for a superior range of axial flow fans.

Important factors to consider when choosing a dust extractor

In factories and manufacturing units there is a great need for dust collection systems. These systems are mainly designed to purify the air and removing dust particles. It also helps in making environment suitable for working by removing all the dust particles. Right from an automobile into food processing, it can be used in several industries. Therefore, the dust extraction system comes into a variety of specifications and models. You need to find suitable dust extraction and collection systems for your application. If you are confused about how to choose these systems then have a look at these important factors:

Determine the application of the dust extraction system

When you are thinking to get a dust extraction system for your establishment, you need to determine its application. It is important to know the utility requirement to operate the dust collector. Depending on the requirement, you will need to find out the filtration system. The system that you want for dust extraction in the woodworking industry will be different from the automobile industry. So, define your need and application first to start the search.

Look for the installation

Another important factor to consider is installation. You can find any dust collector but you need to narrow down the list based on its installation. Two factors that will impact installation is the size and location where the system will be installed. Therefore, a quick look at the location before the installation of the dust collection system can help you a lot. Apart from this, it will also help in identifying the right tools that will need for the installation.

Filter and maintenance costs

If you want to find a suitable dust collector system then don’t forget the filter that has been installed in it. Filters of these systems are designed for extracting and removing out different materials such as dust, wood, metal particles, and many more. As per your industry requirements, you can choose a filter that serves best your application. Also, make sure that the maintenance cost of the dust collection and extraction equipment is low. 

All these above-mentioned factors are beneficial for choosing the best dust collector. If you want high performing and efficient dust extraction systems in Noida then you must consider visiting the ventech systems. They have a wide range of dust extractor that comes with different technical specifications.

The need for Ventilation Systems in industries and factories

It is already known that industries and factories generate a lot of dust, dirt, fumes, and smoke during processing and operations. When this happens, there is a need for the removal of these dust and contaminants for maintaining a better environment and healthy life for staff. Because of this, Pressurisation and Ventilation Systems are needed to be installed in these places. This system works as a mechanical system that exhausts contaminated indoor air and brings in fresh outdoor air in the workplace. No matter it’s a factory or manufacturing unit, this system comes with great benefits.

Let’s have a look at some of the need and benefits of these systems in industrial places in a detailed manner:

Controls impurities of the environment

One of the important factors for healthy living is better air quality. The air inside factories and industries can be more polluted than the air outside because of smoke and dust. With the help of a good ventilation system, it will be helpful to expel and exhaust the accumulated moisture, pollutants, smoke, dust, and fumes. Because of this, there will be control in the impurities of the workplace and the surroundings.

Ensures several health benefits

One of the benefits of installing these ventilation systems is having several health benefits. Good ventilation is useful for showing a positive impact both on health and well-being. If the contaminated air is there in the surrounding then it causes various health issues to the workers and staff. Right from breathing problems to skin related problems, employees can face different types of issues in impure indoor air. However, all these problems can be avoided to a great extent with the installation of a good ventilation system in the factory and related premises.

Improved productivity

If you have installed good ventilation systems then there will no adverse effect on the health of the employees. This means there will less sick leaves and increased efficiency. This ultimately results in improved productivity. So, it is important that you consider having these systems in the industries and factories. 

From the above, it can be concluded that there is a need for these systems in the factories to get better and expected results in terms of pure indoor air. Whenever you are searching for high operational Ventilation Systems in Noida, make sure to choose a reliable manufacturer like ventech system for this.

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