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Centralized Air Conditioning Systems- How It Works

Centralized air conditioning is a system in which air is cooled at a central part of the room and distributed to and from rooms by one or more fans and ductwork. The main part of the air conditioning system that is air conditioner compressor works what makes the whole process of air conditioning possible. The whole heat of the housing discharge by enabling the compression of the refrigerant gas, which is how the cool air is created.  At some time the indoor temperature set on the thermostat requires cooling performance, and it run quietly according to their need.  But when it’s time to perform routine maintenance, make repairs or replace your system, it’s is very helpful for you to understand how an air conditioning system works. If you’re looking for a quality Air Conditioning System, then just have a look at some important functionalities.

ventech systems

The Refrigeration Cycle

• Using the power source, the refrigerant flows through a closed system of refrigeration lines between the indoor unit and the outside unit.

• By using a motorized fan hot air from the inside of your house is pulled into the ductwork.

• Now after the warm air duct, From the exterior compressor coil to the interior evaporator coil the refrigerant is pumped to absorbs the heat from the air.

• Now the cool air pushed through connecting ducts to vents by lowering the interior temperature.

• Providing a consistent method to keep you cool this refrigeration cycle of the air conditioning system continues again and again.

Central AC System Parts

To know better how your air is cooled, it helps to know about the parts of AC.  It is a two-part or split system of central air conditioning system that includes:

• The outdoor unit of the air conditioning system contains the condenser coil, fan, and compressor, electrical components.

• The evaporator coil is available to the top of the gas furnace inside the home.

• Pipes in the form of series, or refrigeration lines fixing the inside and outside equipment in AC.

• Refrigerant (substances available in refrigerant lines ) that circulates through the indoor and outdoor unit.

• Ducts part fixed in the air conditioning system that serves as air tunnels to the various spaces inside the room or hall.

• You can set your desired temperature by A thermostat or control system.

Benefits of Central Air Conditioning System

Indoor comfort during summer session–It helps keep your home cool and reduces humidity levels.

Comfort during humidity whether – Central air conditioning type of air conditions system helps keep your home cool and reduces the level of humidity.

Quieter operation –It is located outside the home because of the compressor-bearing unit the indoor noise level. It is much lower than that of a free-standing air- conditioning unit.

If you are looking for Air Conditioning Systems in Noida, then we recommend Ventech Systems.

What is Air Conditioning System And Their Basic Components?

Air conditioning is an important part of your life, so you must know how the air conditioning system works and their basic components. Air conditioning is the process of changing the properties of air according to their favorable conditions. Air Conditioning “AC” used to create and maintain the certain temperature in indoor spaces at home or office. AC offers much-needed relief during hot summers. Air conditioning system maintaining the required level of temperature. Air conditioning is an important part of your life, so you must know how the air conditioning system works. for more, here we explain the five basic components of an air conditioning system which enable it to provide cooling and heating, as required. These basic components are well-discussed below.

air conditioning system

Five Basic Elements of Air Conditioning System


It is known as the air conditioning system engine and it functions together with a substance to transform the gas into a liquid. The main function of these basic elements of the air conditioning system is to convert low-pressure gas into a high-pressure gas, which also has a high temperature. In this compression process, the gap space between molecules get narrowed down, creating as gas called energized gas. now, the energized gas comes out of the compressor to enter into the condenser.

Condenser Coil

Fitted into the condenser coil which main function to cools down the high-pressure gas and converts it back into a liquid. The main function of the condenser coil is taken to the next part of the air conditioner named as the evaporator. Both compressor and condenser on the outside of your house that you can also see.


It is located  inside the centre house of air conditioning system that usually found near the furnace. With an extremely thin pipe, it is linked with the condenser. Now the high-pressure gas changed into the low-pressure liquid. The decreasing pressure in this section turns the liquid into a gas again. In this evaporation process, the working fluid takes away the heat from the air and cools it off. now the working comes out of the evaporator in the form of a gas to again get compressed by the compressor. All this process happens cyclically.

Air Handler and Blowing Unit:

Both parts of air conditioning system work together to draw room air to the evaporator and disseminate the cool air all over your house. With the help of a duct system, the path of airflow in the room is facilitated.

Thermostat: It is used to maintain the temperature by regulating the heat energy flowing inside and outside of it. Thermostat can be set automatically or manually, depending on the features element of air conditioning system.

Key factors to analyze the Global Market Demand of Centrifugal Fans in 2020

The AC centrifugal fans market report 2020 has been composed following extensive research outlook, study, and analysis of key market segments. The whole report consists of market revenue sizing, latest & ongoing trends, threats and key factors responsible to drive overall growth. AC centrifugal fans are widely employed across different vertical including both industrial and commercial.

The report should also include production, consumption and revenue data across various regions. The Centrifugal Fans market is divided into different sections according to the item, application, current market pattern, geological region.

Key Target Audience

  • Advanced composites manufacturers, stakeholders, and distributors
  • End-users of advanced composites
  • Organizations, private sector agencies, and government sector agencies

->Manufacturing analysis

The market of centrifugal fans provides highlights of manufacturing process analysis verified through primary information collected via industry professionals.

->Competitive Analysis

Top vital players have been studied based on their company profile, product portfolio, capacity, sales, the cost to find out the strength and weaknesses of competitors.

->Demand and Supply analysis

Centrifugal fans report gives insights into distribution, consumption in industrial and commercial premises, amount of imports & exports, break-even points, and other related facts.

Introduction of Centrifugal Fans Market:

Section1: Centrifugal fans market size, market share by type

Section2: Centrifugal fans market by application

Section3: Global centrifugal fans sales & market share comparison through applications

Section4: Sales & growth rate of global centrifugal fans

Section5: Market competition of centrifugal fans differentiating based on players, suppliers, region, type & application.

Section6: Structure of centrifugal fans specified for each geographic region included.

Section 7: Centrifugal fan suppliers sales date and their profiles

Section8: Other than this primary information of the company, the manufacturing base, and a list of top competitors is provided for every vendor mentioned in the report.

Section 9: Total revenue, market sales, price & gross margin table for different product types, price trends & key raw material analysis.

Section10: supply chain and analysis of industrialized chain, approach to sourcing and downstream buyers.


To determine accurate data for analyzing global market demands, the above-described factors will be sufficient enough. Taking care of all these aspects, a fan manufacturing company is able to product Centrifugal Fans according to the best matching market needs.

Role of Centrifugal Fans and Axial Flow Fans in Temperature Control!

Air conditioning and temperature control systems are developed to generate the condition of comfort within the work and home premises. They control humidity, temperature and flow of air within Air conditioning systems are integrated with three various controls-humidistats, temperature control, and air stats. In this blog, we are discussing the importance of Centrifugal and Axial fans.

ventech systems

What Are Axial Flow Fans?

The name axial is given to these category fans owing to the air direction generated by creating them. The first electronically driven powered fans came in the market in the year 1880. Blades moving around axis flow air parallel to the axis and move air with force in a similar direction. The typical mode of axial fans is utilized to exhaust air from the process used for supplying fresh air and major spot cooling of the room, people and machinery.

Axial flow fans having four or six blades and diameters of 6-18 feet are commonly employed in air-cooled heat exchangers, however larger and smaller fans are used occasionally. The plastic fan blades are helpful for air temperatures upto 175-degree Fahrenheit, and metal blades are used for higher air temperatures.

Most frequently electric motors are used as fan drivers, however, at some frequencies turbines are also used. Speed reduction is usually accomplished with the use of V belts, high torque drive belts, reduction gearboxes.

Variable pitch fans are specially used for facilitating process side temperature control in air-cooked exchangers. The pitch of the blade is automatically adjusted for providing the required airflow for maintaining the desired outlet temperature of the process fluid.

Industrial Extractor Fans

The heavy-duty design and performance of Axial Flow fans make it suitable for every environment. They are perfectly suited as an effective means for circulating huge amount of air across the premises.

Air Flow Direction-Air that moves from motor to impeller is said as standard. And the air moving from impeller to motor is moved on request.

Static Pressure- up to 100 mm weight

Comprehensive choice of diameters- Range from 250 mm to 1600 mm

Introduction To Centrifugal Fans

Typically centrifugal fans have eight types that draw air into the inlet of housing blower via the wheel and discharges it at 90 degrees. There are two major types of blowers-Pressure blowers and volume blowers. Pressure blowers are specially designed to drive or push air at high pressures. Fans are made of SS, fabricated steel or cast aluminum.

Size, specification or range of centrifugal fans

Size- Impeller Diameter with minimum 1050 mm

Temperature: up to 425 °C

Pressure– 1200 mm wg. to 2500 mm wg.

Airflow: Single and double widths 125000 CMH to 275000 CMH

I hope you get an overview of centrifugal fans & axial flow fans. If you are searching for an authentic platform for purchasing a perfect piece of such products, then you can request a free quote at Ventech Systems.

Evaporative Air Coolers—Highlights of Technology, Functioning & Maintenance

Evaporative coolers are used as an effective way to cool indoor spaces.  Also, called swamp coolers, these coolers pass it over water-saturated pads that cause water to evaporate into it. In areas with low humidity, evaporating water into air offers a natural and energy-efficient means of cooling.

Here are a few points that are necessarily important for sizing, selection, installation, and maintenance of Evaporative Air Coolers.

evaporative air cooler in india

SIZING AND SELECTION of Evaporative Coolers

The size selection of evaporative coolers is defined by cubic feet per minute of air that is being delivered by them to the house.

  • The most common range of Evaporative Air Coolers is 3000 to 25000 CFM.
  • Air moving capacity: 20 to 40 air changes per hour

INSTALLATION of Evaporative Air Coolers in India

The installation mechanism of evaporative coolers is defined in one of two ways-

The first cooler blows air in a central location: 

Such kind of configuration is suitable for compact houses, and they are open from room to room.

Or secondly, The cooler connects with the duct-work:

It distributes the air to different rooms. This kind of configuration is required for larger houses with hallways & multiple bedrooms.

Most of the time people install down-flow evaporative coolers on the roof of their houses. However, some experts choose ground-mounted horizontal units featuring easy maintenance and low risks of roof leaks.

Small horizontal flow coolers are installed in windows for a cooling room or a section of the home. Such portable evaporative coolers work well in moderate climates, however, they are not sufficient to cool in hot climates. Room evaporative coolers can reduce the temperature in a single room by 5 degrees to 15 degrees Fahrenheit.

OPERATION of Evaporative Air Coolers India

For efficient working, and an evaporative cooling mechanism, an evaporative cooler should have a minimum of two speeds and a vent only option. The water pump does not operate, and outdoor air isn’t humidified in the vent- only operation. Other than this, it also enables you to use the evaporative cooler as a whole-house fan during the mild weather.

Movement of cooler air can be controlled through the house after the adjustment of window openings. For providing openings upto 2 square feet for each 1000 CFM of cooling efficiency, windows or vents are opened on the leeward side of the house.

If windows are open too far, the hot air will enter, and if windows are not open far enough, there will be humidity created in the home. For controlling humidity and temperature across different areas, you need to keep opening & closing the windows accordingly.


If your cooler is maintained properly and timely, it saves you lots of time, work and money. Keep draining & cleaning your evaporative air cooler on a regular basis and ensure periodic removal of sediments & minerals.  Every season, there should be major cleaning. Also, the more cooler runs, the more maintenance it requires. Also, pads should be replaced a minimum of two times in a cooling season. Well! The evaporative coolers are very beneficial and economic as they require only minor to moderate setup. Other than this, it is based on basic cooling technology, known for cost-effectiveness and environment-friendly nature.

Estimated Cost to Install Central Air Conditioners and Know-how to save overall cost.

When it comes to calculating the estimated cost of centralized air conditioners-The average cost depends on several reasons. Also, if you are using central air conditioners wisely, then you can save a lot of money by hiring the right contractor and scheduling the installation in the offseason.A central air conditioning can solve your sweat problems, however, prices may create a worrisome situation.

Factors that affect the cost to install the central air conditioner

The price of the air conditioning unit is only one part of the total cost to install a central air conditioner. Along with the price of air conditioning, other payments are also associated like pre-installation evaluation, possible air duct installation, or modification and hiring cost of expert professionals.

ventech systems

Pre-installation evaluation

Before the installation of any air conditioning system, the first important step is to calculate the J-load calculation manually. Through this calculation, the contractor knows how much heat is received by your house, and what size of conditioner will be needed to maintain it cool.

Ductwork and design

Once manual J-load calculation is done carefully, secondly the contractor should check systems associated with air conditioners that are reliable for the application. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure the central air handling capability of ductwork. The quality of ductwork much more depends on its design.

The Central Air Unit

After the evaluation of home performance and support systems, now comes the time to select an air conditioning unit. The size and structure of your premises depending on the following types:

  • Split air conditioning systems
  • Packaged central air systems
  • Heat Pumps

Installation and Labor

The business size of air conditioning system contractors and their location are two factors that may affect the installation cost of central air conditioning systems. According to the research, half of the HVAC systems are not installed correctly that’s why their efficiency level is decreased by up to 30%. That’s why finding the right contractor is very important if you want to save both time and expenses.

If you are in search of the right contractor, then here are a few points you need to take care of:

  • Check their website, history, work history, and online reviews
  • Compare  three different companies to find out what is exactly right for you
  • Ask them about their expertise, certifications and quality standards

Tips to control installation costs of air conditioning systems!

  1. Carefully examine your cooling needs-

For one single house, a ductless mini-split air conditioning system is a suitable utility.

These systems are a combination of outdoor compressor and condenser along with indoor blower vents that is suitable to be fixed about any exterior wall.

In short, ductless systems are an efficient way to cool small zones within a large home-like TV room, bedroom, etc.

  1. Choose the correct time of HVAC installation

Air conditioning systems are found extremely busy in the hottest & coldest months. If you want to pay a lower price for them, then you should schedule their installation in offseasons like spring and fall.

  1. Look tax credits and equipment rebates

Governments, as well as utility companies as well as manufacturers, promote the usage of highly efficient air conditioners via financial incentives.

If you consider following the above-mentioned tips carefully then you can not only make efficient usage of air conditioners but also save a lot of costs.

Introducing the list of Air Handling And Pollution Control Equipments by Ventech Systems India

Environment conditions matter the most when it comes to improving the overall work efficiency of man or machinery at premises. Companies involved in different industry verticals find the necessity of Air Handling and Pollution Control Equipment. Based on the prevailed requirements, there are various categories of equipment available in the market place in order to control temperature and maintain a suitable temperature for the humans and objects lying there.

Ventech Systems, being a renowned name in Air Engineering Systems possessing ISO quality certification, has been contributing to the HVAC industry.  Have a look at some of the trusted Equipment offered by Ventech Systems.

Axial Flow Fans

Fit for Industrial Ventilation, Air Conditioning And Dust & Fume Extraction

Axial flow fans are a special kind of temperature control equipment using air to draw air and discharging it in the same axial directions. It is a category of compressor that increases the pressure value of that flows through it. Blades are provisioned to force complete air in order to move parallel to the shaft. The design in axial fan depends upon the design of the propeller that creates pressure difference concluding suction force.

Most often blade materials are made of aluminum alloy, and applications include helicopters, hydrofoils, hovercrafts, cooling towers, and wind tunnels.

Various categories of axial flow fans include ceiling fans, motor vehicle cooling fans, table fans, PC fans.

Advantages Are-

  • The aerodynamic design of impellers ensure high efficiency
  • It needs low drive motor rating & light duty bearings
  • Consume less power and possess high efficiency
  • Less noise in comparison to conventional fans

Centrifugal Blowers & Fans

Centrifugal Fans and Blowers manufactured at the start-of-the-art facilities where each & every step is monitored by experts based on high-quality and technology requirements. The blowers of Centrifugal fans are designed according to customer’s individual specifications. Noted amongst the trusted centrifugal fan manufacturers in India, we put ahead a variety depending on impeller types like Backward Inclined, Backward Curved, Backward flat sloping, Forward curved, Straight radial.

The two configurations-SWSI and DWDI with diameters upto 2050 mm. wg., single-stage ( 1200 mm wg.) & double stage pressure upto 2500 mm wg. And temperature upto 425-degree Celcius.

Evaporative Air Cooling Units

Evaporative coolers are very effective, pocket and environment-friendly methods of cooling. Also, there are a few necessary steps to note down while operating evaporative coolers. It is never a suitable option to operate evaporative coolers in closed area without ventilation. Evaporative Air Cooling In India based on evaporative cooling principle where air the idea is to think of air as a type of sponge. Once the and water come in contact, it absorbs and becomes damp or humid air.

  • The air cooler by Ventech systems are admired owing to their following features:
  • Produces fresh air for excellent indoor air quality
  • Clean airflow with a dust-free environment
  • Dilute viral density in air and chances of infection from the virus are reduced at a great extent
  • The installation of products provides a high return on investment, energy savings up to 60% and consider the low operating cost.

Ventech Systems has always promoted itself to improvise new technologies and make positive efforts to add value to the environment and make it healthy. Two-stage evaporative coolers are the combination of both direct and indirect evaporative cooling.

How Evaporative Air coolers differ from Air conditioners?

Evaporative Air Coolers are widely used in India. In general terms they are are also referred to as swamp coolers or desert coolers. By the way, air coolers are affordable to purchase, run and maintain. Also, they are simple in design and effective for small space. There is a tank at the bottom, an exhaust fan and three replaceable mediums for the circulation of water. The pump used for transferring water via cooling mediums works as a wall on all three different sides of an evaporative air cooler. If you are concerned about Evaporative Air Cooler In India, then look here some notable points regarding the same.

A few simple ways to let you know how evaporative Air Cooler Work?

When warm air is drawn into an air cooler, it passes through a honeycomb cooling media. As soon as it moves via honeycomb cooling media, water flowing above it soaks up the heat of air that causes evaporation of water. Then a powerful fan increases the level of cool air into the room, as a result fresh, moisturized and cool air is circulated out of the room via open door or window.

Once the hot air circulates via the wet medium, the water absorbs heat and the fan releases cool air into extensive space. Advanced models use stored refrigerant for recycling air within the ambient space. The coolant soaks heat from the air of the room air and pushes down cold air through the fan mechanism.

How Does An Evaporative Cooler be Different From Air Conditioner?

Parameters Evaporative Cooler Air Conditioner
Cooling Mechanism Water evaporation mechanism to cool incoming hot air Use compressor and refrigerant for cooling air
Level to temperature reduction Moderate High
Air Ventilation Excellent Poor
Energy Consumption Low High
Portability Portable Fixed
Dust Filter Yes Yes

Top-Notch Advantages of Evaporative Cooler India

  • Eco-Friendly, because they use the natural process for cooling air
  • It produces a pleasant cooling effect and delivers optimal relief from summer via humidification of dry air.
  • They are successful in recycling indoor air via cross-ventilation while AC only recycles ambient air. ( Ambient air might be having an increased amount of pollutants.)
  • Air coolers are energy efficient than Air conditioners
  • Evaporative Air Coolers in India from providers like Ventech Systems use simple yet efficient mechanism.

I hope the concept and advantage of Evaporative air coolers are understood by you clearly.

An Introduction on Pulse Jet Bag Filters and Rotary Air Locks Technology

Reducing the level of industrial air pollution is understood as an essential part of any of the industry premises. Dust Collectors and Rotary Air Locks both come into the category of pollution control equipment having immense significance in optimizing the pollution control. In the description, there is a basic overview of different kinds of dust collectors and rotary airlock systems.

pulse jet bag filters

Cyclone Separators

High-quality dust collection efficiency cyclone separators are affordable and meant for stringent particulate pollution control & material recovery. It is specially used as a priority collector with or without bag filters for separating dust of medium to coarse particle size. Here are the size and capacity range details.

  • Size ranging from 400mm diameter to 2400mm diameter
  • Capacity ranging from 1000 CMH to 45000 CMH

Pulse Jet Bag Filters

Pulse Jet Bag filters provided by Ventech systems are setting excellent industry standards. Each & every stage of the manufacturing process is carried upon with special care following advanced technology. The selection of raw material, technology and ways to improvise them all is decided by a team of highly qualified experts. The complete range of bag filters is brought forward in both cyclonic and rectangular configurations. Such categories of bag filters are known to are economically efficient in fulfilling the requirements of multipurpose industrial applications in order to collect dust and controlling air pollution.

These bag filters ensure a high dust collection efficiency of 99.97% proving their utility in critical dust generation processes. Pulse-jet bag systems continuously provide automatic online bag cleaning where the capacity range is from 1000 CMH to 350000 CMH.

Rotary Air Locks

Rotary airlocks are a low cost solution to fulfill the needs of dust collector discharge valves. It is suitable to be used as a light-duty option for standard dust collection applications. Such kind of airlocks is used as an efficient system for the airlock to measure material and discharging it constantly. Constructed with robust cast iron body and covers, they have bearings inboard and shafts sealed with lip seals.

With an efficient range of Dust collector systems, objectives can be summarized below:

  • Providing reliable dust collection solution by employing advanced dust collector engineering designs
  • Implementing innovation in specialized nozzle based cleaning system
  • Adding quality and value back in dust collectors.

Offering users the flexibility of customizing dust collectors according to their requirements.

Centrifugal Fans and Axial Flow Fans-Some typical Introductory points to elaborate their significance

The objective behind the introduction of the air conditioning system is to generating comfortable conditions by controlling humidity, temperature, and airflow within the rooms. AC systems are fitted with three different controls- humidistats, temperature control, and air stats. Let us have a quick look at the utility and significance of Centrifugal and axial flow fans.

A significant Highlights on Axial Flow Fans

Axial fans are named for the direction of airflow created by them. The first electrically powered fans were introduced in the year 1880. Blades circulating around axis drive air in parallel to the axis and draw air forcefully in the same direction. In a typical mode, manufacturers Axial flow fans are specially used to exhaust dirty air from processes that supply fresh air and general spot cooling of people, room and machinery.


→ Axial fans generate air flow with a high flow rate it means they’re in the process to create a large volume of airflow. However, they need to create airflows of low pressure but they need a low power input for better operation.

Axial Flow fans also are known as industrial axial fans use propeller for drawing air into the fan and discharge it in the same axial direction. Common influences of industrial axial fans are tube axial fans, panel fans, air circulators, and personnel coolers.

Heavy-duty industrial Extractor Fans

Ventech Systems axial flow fans provide heavy-duty design and performance making it suitable for almost every environment. Such products are high powered and suit as an effective means to circulate a huge amount of air.

Air Flow Direction- Air passing from the motor to the impeller is fitted as standard. The air that flows from impeller to motor is supplied on request.

Static Pressure- UP to 100 mm weight in one stage. High pressure is possible on multiple stage versions and contra-rotating

Comprehensive choice of diameters- The range is from 250 mm to 1600 mm( 10” to 64”)

Able to handle flow rates up to 150000 CMH

Inspection door or Viewport is provided as standard

Suitable for both outdoor & indoor applications

Centrifugal Fans

“In a typical definition centrifugal fans typically have eight types of that draw air into the inlet of housing blower through the wheel and discharges it at 90 degrees.”

Centrifugal fans and blowers have at least eight types of wheels for drawing air into the inlet of the blower housing, wheel, etc. Specifically, there are two types of blowers- Pressure blowers and volume blowers. Pressure blowers are specially designed for drawing or pushing air at high pressures. Blowers of Centrifugal fans are typically made of fabricated steel, stainless steel or cast aluminum. On a special effect, pressure blowers are specially designed for drawing or pushing air at high temperatures.

Centrifugal Fans-Size, Specification and Performance range

–Size- Diameter of the impeller with 1050 mm range

–Pressure– In two stages 1200 mm wg. to 2500 mm wg.

–Temperature: up to 425-degree Celcius

–Airflow: In single & double widths 125000 CMH to 275000 CMH

I hope you got a common overview manufacturers of centrifugal fans and axial fans. If you’re looking for an authentic platform to buy a perfect piece of these products then you can contact Ventech Systems.

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