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Axial Flow Fans – Ventech System’s Axial flow fans are used to provide fume exhaust, general ventilation, and remove hot spots. As the best in industry axial flow fan manufacturers, we are offering the best quality industrial axial fans that can be used as bifurcated fans and roof extractors also. 

Axial Flow Fan is totally different from Centrifugal Blowers in terms of the method as they move air. Axial Flow Fans generally use a propeller in order to draw the air into it & discharge it, in the same directions. However, a Centrifugal Fan and Blower draw air into the inlet side of the housing of the blower along with one wheel. The blower of these fans draws air through the wheels that discharge at 90 degrees. A device that helps to move the air with a propeller is referred to as a Fan, while, with a wheel, it is called a Blower. 

Ventech Systems is one of the best axial flow fans manufacturers.  Which is providing high quality axial fans that can be used as compressors. It helps to raise the value of air pressure flowing through the fan. Blades of these industrial fans force the air to move parallel to the shaft on which the blade rotates. On the other hand, the flow of these fans is axially-in and axially-out, hence its name. Designing an axial fan includes revolving around the propeller’s design that generates the difference in pressure and results in suction force retaining flow across the fan. The main components of axial flow fans need to be studied in the designing process including the number of blades and the design of each blade. 

Features / Advantages of Axial Flow Fans for Industries 

  • The flow of Axial Fans is moving with its axial at the entrance and exit.  
  • These fans are functionally designed to produce a difference in pressure and force that causes a flow through these fans. 
  • Axial Flow Fans are installed to deliver great proficiency.  
  • Axial Flow Fans have efficient and extreme energy. 
  • Capability to generate great air movement by using less energy. 
  • The longer life of axial fans improves mechanical strength. 
  • Axial Flow Fans have a low consumption of power. 

Applications of Axial Flow Fans 

  • Axial Flow Fans are used in machines or systems to process cooling. 
  • Industrial Axial Flow Fans are used to spot the cooling of generators, industrial equipment, and transformers.  
  • Industria Flow Fans can be used for ventilation in factories, storerooms, laundries, garages, foundries, engines, and equipment rooms.  
  • Industrial Axia Fans are used to cool work areas where a large amount of heat is generated. 

Ventech Systems is the leading manufacturers of axial flow fans providing custom Axial Fans that are extensively used in many industrial applications like dust collection, dryers, fume control, corrosive gas handling, process cooling, dust loading operations, clean air handling, process heating, material handling, chemical processing, high-temperature processes, and saturated air treatment. 

Ventech Systems is the industry’s leading axial flow fan manufacturers, well-equipped with the latest and modern technology to design optimum performance products along with aerodynamic designs. Our engineers are renowned for designing the best and most customized versions in order to meet the specific criteria with industry-leading engineers providing an excellent system with innovation. Our success is based on the extensive product range, with top-notch engineering, that guarantees after-sales service and better consultation support.       

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Ventech Systems is an ISO certified manufacturer of ventilation, air conditioning control systems and air pollution control systems where quality is on high priority.

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