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Know Uses of Centrifugal Fans in Industrial Processes 

Industrial Fans, Centrifugal Fans or Blower Fans are a cost-effective and efficient way to generate intermittent and continuous airflow for many industrial processes. These industrial fans are efficiently used in various industrial processes like ventilation, aeration, cooling, drying, and conveying materials. Centrifugal fans are mainly designed to operate at low as well as high temperatures, with acidic fumes, corrosive gases, etc. 

Centrifugal Fans are the most common type of industrial fan that ensure proper ventilation for the employees working in the industry. Industries like steel plants, paper, and pulp industry, textile industry, chemical industry, food industry, and glass industry used centrifugal fans to regulate the hot air generated from machinery. 

Ventech Systems is an experienced Centrifugal Fan manufacturer company in India. Below, we have listed some highlighted industrial processes where centrifugal blower fans can be utilized. 

1). Recirculation of Air 

The production of energy and heat is massive in heavy industries. Centrifugal fans provide a consistent and stable airflow that is needed to maintain the fuel combustion properly. 

For instance, in industrial boilers, centrifugal fans allow fresh air to blow into the system. It maintains the oxygen level suitable for ignition. Similarly, in power plant boilers, FD or Forced Draft Fans supply air necessary for fuel combustion. This process pushes the air through the air supply system into the furnace during combustion. 

2). Industrial Cooling 

Centrifugal fans are also termed industrial cooling fans because they can be used to displace gas or air from one place to another. Primarily these fans are used to drive cold air and blow hot air out of industry. 

For instance, in cement manufacturing factories, cooling fans are used in a large number. They used to blow cold air to cool the clinker. Similarly, in glass manufacturing factories, centrifugal fans are required to cool down the high temperature of the oven’s walls to cool the manufacturing material. 

However, air exhaust depends on the construction and design of specific fans. Centrifugal fans have a big diameter that helps to produce a high volume of air required in industrial processes. 

3). Re-Dusting: 

In many industries, centrifugal fans are used to collect dust. There are many types of dust collectors required to remove the nuisance. Industrial fans used are either induced draft fans or forced draft fans through the system. 

The re-dusting process in industries requires centrifugal fans that work on the pressure-type system and depression-type system applications. 

4). Air Drying 

Induced Draft Fans or Industrial Forced are required in industrial processes to control the moisture content and temperature. Hot air can be forced through these cooling fans, which also helps to circulate the air to remove excessive moisture.  

For instance, In the paper Industry, these cooling fans are used to dry paper sheets. It occurs by passing the construction material through a heated oven or exhaust air from the pulp of paper. Similarly, in Food Industries, centrifugal fans are required to remove food’s moisture content before it is sent for the packaging. 

5). Conveying Material 

In industries, centrifugal fans are used to convey or handle the manufacturing materials. Light-weight or small materials like sand, sawdust, plastic pallets, and wood chips can be effortlessly handled by Centrifugal Fans. But for heavy materials such as alloys and steel, centrifugal fans are required as abrasion-resistant. 

Common types of centrifugal fans used in industries to convey materials are Industry Exhausters and high-pressure Radial Fans. 

Final Words  

At Ventech Systems, we are expertized and experienced Industrial Centrifugal fans manufacturer in Noida. Therefore, we can assist you with the perfect Centrifugal Fans manufacturing solutions appropriate for your industrial processes. 

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