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Which One is The Best: Axial or Radial Fan

When it comes to industrial fans, you have several options to choose from among them. But during the selection of the right industrial fan, choose them while considering the usage or purpose. There are two most popular and common types of industrial fans available today on the market: axial and radial.    

Understanding the Difference Between Axial Fan & Radial Fan  

In this write-up, we will help you to understand which one is better for your application: axial or radial. Both of these industrial fans are very useful, but there are different situations when one should be chosen over the another. Hence, choosing the right fan often comes down to some common factors such as volume, air displacement, blade type, etc.  

Axial Fans  

If you have ever lived in a house without AC or slept in a loft that needs a bit more air circulation in order to promote a cool and comfortable environment, the portable industrial fan that you can set up to make the environment cool is likely an axial fan.  

Axial fans’ names represent the way their blades operate. As they rotate around the axis and push air out parallel to the axis. However, the size of axial fans may be much larger as it is suitable for mining operations in factories.  

Axial fans fundamentally can be used when there is a need for a large volume of air. Through axial fans, one can have fairly low-pressure air that is not highly concentrated in any particular area.  

Radial Fans  

Radial Fans are also known as “centrifugal fans”. And, centrifugal fans are also known as squirrel cage fans, squirrel fans, and air blower fans due to their way of operating and the look of their certain model.   

They do not pull air parallel to its axis as axial fans do. Instead of it, they move the air from the center or radially. To generate air, radial fans or centrifugal fans first pull the air towards the fan. Axial fans often do it via side intake, which varies the fan size.  

An example of a centrifugal fan is the “blower” fan that is mostly used in commercial and residential environments in order to dry damp areas of the building with water damage. Though the volume of such types of fans is less than that of axial fans, the pressure is much higher. They also target a specific area. Radial fans are mostly used in heavy industrial or mining environments that are typically larger, drawing in air and then running through ducts before getting dispersed.  

Which One Is the Best for Your Application: Axial Fan or Radial Fan  

After understanding the difference between both of these fans’ axial and radial fans, it becomes critical to making the right choice for your application. Each type of industrial fan has its fair share of benefits as well as drawbacks. You may find the combination of each of these industrial fans that might be suited to your application the best. 


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