What is an evaporative air cooler and how it works?

Evaporative air cooler is like a swamp cooler that is mainly utilized for cooling down the places like warehouses, residential, commercial, outdoor areas, and many other places. It’s a type of air conditioner that mainly works by using the power of evaporation to cool down the air temperatures. It helps in achieving comfortable and ambient temperatures in a different atmosphere. There are multiple benefits of using and installing evaporative cooler India. Let’s see how this air cooler works. 

An evaporative air cooling system takes the evaporation from the atmosphere and then lowers the air temperature in your home. In this cooler, there is a fan, water reservoir, and controls that help in increasing or decreasing the speed and other functioning. The fan inside the cooler draws dry and hot air into the machine and then makes them pass through the cooler pads. During this process, water gets absorbed in the thick pads. The air cooler then blows that cold air into the surrounding or wherever it is placed. In this way, it becomes easy to change the temperature of any space.

Benefits of using evaporative air cooler

  • This air cooler can lower the temperature between 6 to 12 degrees. This all will depend on the external conditions.
  • One of the incredible benefits is that you can save a lot of money as it is energy efficient. It consumes less energy than any sort of air conditioning
  • With this kind of air cooler, there is no need to close your doors or windows. It works perfectly well even in the open surrounding.
  • When it comes to installation, you need not worry as it can be done quickly and easily. The entire installation process is fast and hassle-free.
  • Another important point is that this air cooler helps in improving the air quality by making removal of dust and fumes.
  • These evaporative air coolers are useful for various industries and processing units where a cooler temperature is needed.

In simple words, the evaporative air cooler is a cost-effective way to cool down the temperature of different spaces including indoors and outdoors. Whenever you think of buying a highly efficient and quality assured evaporative air cooler in Noida then make sure to choose the ventech systems. They ensure the best range of evaporative air coolers in vivid technical specifications and models.

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