Centrifugal Blowers – Features And Applications

Centrifugal blowers provide directional airflow by maximizing static pressure. They are particularly useful in industrial and commercial environments where it is not easy to supply air at a uniform rate. 

Their applications range from fume exhaust, dust handling, material conveying, induced draft, forced draft, etc. They are used in a wide range of industries such as foundries; power, cement, and chemical plants; engineering industries, etc. 

A blower’s main function is to provide and accommodate a large flow of air to various parts of the building. It does this by rotating several blades connected to a hub and shaft with the help of a motor or turbine. A centrifugal blower uses the centrifugal power generated by the rotation of impellers to increase the kinetic energy of air. The air then moves from the impellers into the fan housing. Since the requirements of every plant are unique, their centrifugal blowers need to be customized accordingly. 

Ventech Systems, who are leading manufacturers of these blowers, offer a wide range to suit the specific needs of every client. Depending on the requirements, the impellers in their blowers are of various types:

  • Backward Inclined
  • Backward Curved
  • Backward Flat Sloping
  • Forward Curved
  • Straight Radial

Their fans have 2 types of configuration:

SWSI (Single width, single inlet)

DWDI (Double width, double inlet)

Depending on air discharge and pressure development combinations, single and multiple (parallel or series operation) impellers have been provided.

Here is the size and performance range of Ventech’s centrifugal fans:

  • Size: Impeller diameters – maximum 2050 mm
  • Airflow: SWSI – maximum 125000 CMH; DWSI – maximum 275000 CMH
  • Pressure: Single Stage: maximum 1200 mm.wg. Two-stage: maximum 2500                        mm.wg.
  • Temperature: 425 0C

To withstand the extreme conditions these blowers work in, their components need to be strong and durable.  

In the case of Ventech, here are some salient construction features that go in making them tough and long-lasting.


  • The blowers have a circular air inlet with a rectangular cross-section air outlet port. 
  • Continuously welded fan housings.
  • Have conical shrouds.
  • All housing outlets have a flanged connection.


  • Impeller wheels have multi-blade construction; precision balanced as per ISO: 1940.
  • Blades of special contour to help them handle varied quality air stress.

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Ventech Systems is an ISO certified manufacturer of ventilation, air conditioning control systems and air pollution control systems where quality is on high priority.

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