Common issues and Tips for repairing A Central Air Conditioning System!

Air conditioning systems are an inevitable elements to be used in industrial, commercial as well as household premises. To make work or home premises comfortable for workers and ensure proper incoming and outgoing of air, these systems play a very significant role. Centralised Air Conditioning System has been enhancing the quality and lifestyle from several years till now. In a formal and sure shot language, Air Conditioning is defined as the process to condition humidity, temperature and ventilation in buildings.

centralised air conditioning systems in noida

Here we are describing some common problems & repairing of central air conditioning systems.

Tips to Troubleshoot central air conditioning system

If at a sudden, your centralized air conditioning system in noida loses your cooling power you might be able to find out the causes by yourself, however in certain cases you will have to contact an HVAC professional for better assistance. Well! Here are a few tips which will help you know everything about your home air conditioning system, and thus troubleshooting will become easy for you.  There might be a problem with Refrigerant, Compressor, Condenser, Expansion Valve and Evaporator coil. Sometimes there might also be an issue with the thermostat. The recommended way to start troubleshooting is to start with analyzing the symptoms of lost performance.

If AC system does not switch on

Potential reasons

If you’re not able to activate air conditioning system, the major possibility with the problem is with tripped circuit breaker or blown fuse, fault in thermostat or internal switch is switched off.

Potential solutions

  • Check whether thermostat is in cool position & isn’t positioned to off.
  • Also, be sure that the thermostat is set below current room temperature
  • Check that 240 volt circuit breaker controlling air conditioning compressor and 120 volt circuit breaker controlling furnace blower are switched on.
  • If circuit breaker trips or fuse blown, then reset circuit breaker or replace the fuse.
  • If these steps do not work, the possibilities are of serious issues like short circuit. And in such condition, you need to contact technician for relevant assistance.
  1. Poor airflow from cooling vents

Potential Reasons

Due to unclean air filter or ductwork airflow there might be condition of dirty airflow.

Potential Solutions

  • Check whether air filter in handling system  is clean. Replace it quick and replace with new clean air filter.
  • Check complete ductwork very precisely in order to ensure that it is neither disconnected or crimped.
  • Register dampers on vents in rooms in order to ensure that they are completely open.
  1. AC does not humidify the air in Oversized systems

Potential Reasons

  • Failure to fight with humidity can be caused by air conditioner that is very large for house.
  • If your system fails to sufficiently dehumidify and it short cycles an oversized system might be the reason.
  • A system that is oversized cools the air very fast that system is shut off by the thermostat before a sufficient amount of humid air makes its way around the cooling coil to get dehumidification.

Potential Solutions

  • The solution is to replace the condensing unit & coils with sufficiently sized system.
  • As a next alternative step you can also use an artificial way to cool load like extend air conditioning to our garage or basement space with additional ductwork.
  1. Insufficient cooling through a long cycle of compressor

Potential Causes

Insufficient cooling coupled with long ON cycle of compressor is a sign-in of a worn-out compressor that which has lost the ability of compressing refrigerant.

The compressor is received in outdoor housing unit, and when you listen it excessively running without cool air flowing within the house, you will come to know that you have an issue.

Potential Solutions

Contact a genuine technician and let him check the compressor and replace the part if required. Hope, you understood the blog very carefully.  If you’re looking for Air Conditioning System in Noida and nearby areas, then Ventech Systems is the best recommendation for you. For all kinds of air conditioning and air handling systems it is one of the best recommended places to join.

How Evaporative Air Cooling Technology is better than conventional air conditioning?

The last 100 years observed the height of massacre which can be done by humans to Earth’s natural resources. More than 50% of rain forests were cleaned up, ozone layer depleted and fossil fuels are near exhaustion. All such hazards collectively gave birth to a critical situation called global warming. To lessen the hazards due to environmental pollution, scientists have been continuously making effects to invent some technological alternatives. We Evaporative Air Cooling Systems is one among several technological alternatives that are playing a significant role in reducing environmental pollution.

Evaporative air cooling in india

Conventional room air conditioners (ACs) are based on state of the art cooling technology, but some experts don’t think it as advanced as it should be. Even modern room air conditioning systems are not much effective as they consume 5% of the county’s produced electricity.

Some air conditioners use chemicals as coolants for less consumption, but they are still not environment-friendly. Then what is the substitute? The answer is Evaporative Air Cooler in India.

Evaporative Air Cooling Systems

An Evaporative cooling system is a wonderful substitute for an air conditioning system in order to deliver a comfortable environment in hot & dry climatic conditions.

Such kind of air cooling systems deliver a greater cooling effect when the following conditions are available:

  1. Humidifier air draft is directed over the body of work person or in working zone.
  2. Exhaust fans positively exhaust old polluted air to the outside atmosphere
  3. Atmospheric space has comparatively high temperature and low humidity

Major Significances of Well build Evaporative

Effect of chilling wind

The airflow generated through fans decreases the effect of chilling wind felt by the body. The chilling effect of wind is specially used for increasing heat loss rate from the skin surface.

Productivity improvement

As per the data collected from researches, a comfortable working environment for work persons improve overall productivity. Evaporative Cooling Systems based on direct evaporative cooling technology makes the environment free from stress related to increasing temperature.

Comfort zone for human

Comfort zone for a human is defined as the situation that most people find a very comfortable environment to work in.

When it comes to calculating the viability of Evaporative Air Cooling Systems Noida in comparison to other control systems, they provide highly efficient temperature relief for all industrial and commercial environments. Also, they can be very economical; up to 80 percent in comparison to conventional cooling systems.

Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Pollution Control Equipment- Brief Information

Air Pollution is getting critical day by day and causing a severe impact on human health. The problem of degrading air quality is not only limited to metropolitan cities, but small cities are also getting affected with them. The most affected areas are industry prone areas where proper care and significant initiatives should be taken in order to reduce the damaging effects of harmful air. All kind of Pollution Control System like Pressurization and Ventilation Systems are must be used in industrial work premises for better pollution control and air quality management.

air conditioning systems

Here are mentioned a few highlights and important information on such kinds.

Pressurization and Ventilation Systems

Ventilation systems are specially used to provide air circulation in abundance to ensure the comfort of the people. Some kinds of ventilation systems are a kind of dry ventilation system where no cooling is done. In certain cases, ventilation systems are installed for pressurizing the area.

Pressurization systems

The pressurization systems are used as a special utility to pressurize the enclosed space to keep comparatively high pressure than the area just adjacent to it. The purpose of this arrangement is to reduce the possibilities of internal leakage of air, gas & smoke.

The pressurization systems have the following considerations in particular:

  • Supply filtered air in an enclosed area
  • Pressure relief system for avoiding overpressure

Ventilation Systems

Ventilation systems are found essential equipment in terms of maintaining the air circulation and temperature within the working premises. They move outdoor air into a building or a room and circulate the fresh air in the room. Concept of ventilation is defined to provide circulation of healthy air by diluting pollutants & removing pollutants from it.

Major elements of ventilation:

The direction of airflow- The direction of airflow within the work premises should be from clean areas to dirty areas.

The pattern of airflow- The extern air should be carefully delivered to each & every part of space is quite an efficient manner of removing airborne pollutants.

Rate of ventilation-The amount and quality of outdoor air made available in space is called the rate of ventilation.

Pollution Control Equipment

Air pollutants are generated via different natural and or man-made sources and activities. However, pollution-causing elements are derived from both mobile & stationary sources, but here we are gonna discuss the pollution impacts on industrial premises. The environment protection agency imposed certain rules and regulations on sources of air pollutants to reduce their effects on the atmosphere. There are various kinds of air pollution control equipment to handle air pollution within the industry premises.

Some types of air pollution control equipment applied to industrial applications are:

  • Scrubbers
  • Air Filters
  • Cyclones
  • Electrostatic Precipitators
  • Mist Collectors
  • Incinerators
  • Catalytic reactors
  • Biofilters
  • Air Conditioners

Conclusion: In maintaining the internal environment of the premises, the role of Ventilation and Pressurization systems becomes very crucial. Ventech Systems has been making its consistent efforts to make possible genuine production and supply of such systems for improvement of air quality within the work premises.  Apart from this, Ventech Systems is also getting fame as a famous Centrifugal Fan Manufacturers In India. You can also buy top-notch Evaporative Air Cooler at best market rates with assured quality, excellent efficiency, and longer service life.

A Quick Introduction on Centralized Air Conditioning Systems

Centralized air conditioners are special-purpose air conditioning equipment for circulating air through a system of supply and return ducts. Supply ducts & registers specially carry cool air from the air conditioner to the interior premises. The air conditioners dehumidify the incoming air, however in climates with extreme humidity, the possibilities of not achieving a low humidity become zero. When your air-condition interiors have a dehumidifier, it will increase your energy consumption. Likewise, there are so many concerns which one should keep in mind while investing in air conditioning systems. In the description, we are going to discuss important highlights on Centralised Air Conditioning System.

centralized air conditioning systems

Let’s begin with the description:

Different Types of Central Air Conditioners

To describe in short; A central air conditioner is either a packaged unit or a split system.

Split system central air conditioner:

Split system of central air conditioners consists of an outer metallic body with compressor & condenser; the inner cabinet consists of an evaporator. There are some categories of air conditioners too in which indoor cabinet has a furnace. This type of air conditioning system will be suitable for you, in the condition when you already have a furnace but there’s the requirement of an air conditioner.

Packaged central air conditioner-

In this type of air conditioning system condenser, evaporator, and compressor all are available in a single cabinet. Such category of air conditioning system usually finds application in small commercial buildings. Ducts for air supply & return come from inside via home’s exterior wall or roof to connect with the packed air conditioner usually found outdoors.

How to select and Upgrade Central Air Conditioner?

There’s no doubt centralized air conditioners are more efficient than room air conditioners owing to several reasonable facts. These air conditioners are out of the way, quiet, convenient, easy to operate, energy-efficient and cost-efficient too. Everyone needs to invest in power-efficient air conditioning systems for reducing the usage of central air conditioners.

Nowadays best air conditioners save 30% to 50% energy in comparison to air conditioners used in the mid-1970s. Also, replacing your ten years old air conditioning system you can save your cooling energy costs from 20% to 40%.

Other than this, sizing & installation of the centralized air conditioner are key elements deciding the conditioner efficiency. If you are likely to buy an air conditioner, then first seek for a model with high efficiency.

Characteristics to keep in mind when you go to purchase air conditioning systems

  • The AC system should have thermal expansion value & high-temperature rating.
  • Variable-speed air handler for new ventilation systems
  • One unit that can be operated very quietly
  • A fan switch which can be used to turn off ventilation during the night when there’s sufficient ventilation.
  • Automatic-delay fan switch to turn off fan some minutes later the compressor turns off.

While choosing an air conditioning system for your home or business premises, energy saving is the most important factor. Hope, you got an overview of how replacement or maintenance of old air conditioning systems can be very helpful in reducing overhead energy costs. You too would be willing to experience the energy & cost-saving with proper selection, installation, repair, maintenance or replacement of air conditioning systems.  If you’re searching for Air Conditioning System in Noida, you will find Ventech Systems as the right destination for you.

What Significant highlights of Air Conditioning Control System should be known to Us?

Heat is generated by different factors moving around us. Indoor Air quality is a concern that building managers and residents decide to investigate. At an ideal point of concern, Air conditioning units require maintenance at least once a year in order to achieve. Air Conditioning Control System saves lots of money and large repair costs. Consistent care of your HVAC system one time in a year will make your system perform well. Either you are up to installing a brand new Air Conditioning & control system, or just looking for a partnership program from a reliable service provider in the same arena, no compromise is accepted at all.

By selecting services from a well-reputed Air conditioning system manufacturer, you can be confident to make the right decision. Selection of the right company that pays each detail with attention and offers you all relevant services in a proper manner.  Ventech Systems Engineering team give their best efforts during the maintenance procedure in order to track existing and potential problems in the system.

How does a perfect Air Conditioning System Maintenance provider work?

  • Maintenance inspecting team will ensure that your Air conditioning and pollution control unit is working well.
  • Sufficiency of air flow in the system is tested after following various checks.
  • Leak test and evaporator coil test is carried out according to F-Gas regulations.
  • And the best and the most effective aspect of possessing Ventech Systems Air Pollution Control System plan is to have an essential maintenance of the system at the change of every season over the year

Why should you consider Air Conditioning Duct Cleaning?

The primary concern of any home-owner or business organization is to efficiently save money on energy expenses. To take optimized benefits, we all need to make sure Air Conditioning Control System is working in an efficient manner. The modest measure for proper working is the thorough maintenance of ventilation ducts. It is recommended to maintain air conditioning ducts in every two to four years by experts.

How to Repair or Replace Air Conditioning System?

We carry out special survey to ensure that you are taking correct measures when needed to replace the system. Upgrading old air conditioning system with high-efficiency system can save a lot of money in energy costs.  Improper installation & sizing can also cause system breakdown in an early stage. One should consider some of the factors mentioned below before final decision to replace air conditioning system:

  • Appropriate size of air conditioning system to maintain humidity and temperature of room.
  • Air should be pulled via an air filter that removes dust, lint, etc.


If you are looking for a genuine and trusted Air Pollution Control System, then Ventech Systems is the best solution provider which you can rely on.

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