What all you need to know about axial flow fans?

In factories and industries, the movement of air is important for ventilation applications. For the movement of air in such places, Axial Flow Fans is highly demanded and installed. These fans come with multiple benefits and features. But, if we will compare then these are way different than the centrifugal ones. Right from automobile to cement and furniture manufacturing to footwear, there are several places where these fans can be installed.

Understanding the concept of axial fans

In these kinds of fans, the direction of the airflow will be parallel to the rotor shaft. Through this, there will maximum performance of the fan in the surrounding. The best part is that it comes with a special design so that it can create an alteration in the air pressure. 

Most of the axial fans are designed by making use of aluminum alloys. The aluminum alloys ensure optimum strength. A propeller is designed in a fan that usually draws the air into the fan and then discharges it. There different variations and technical specifications of the fan as per application. With this fan, the entire air movement is done in the same axial direction. 

Where these fans are being installed?

The axial fans ensure excellent performance in air movement. Owing to this, it is demanded in those places where there is a need for high flow and low air resistance. In simple terms. Ti can be said that it is well suited for factories, manufacturing units, and other related places. Depending on the applications and requirements, it is designed with different blade structure. You can find its variants of blades that such as backward, curved and straight. If you are looking for higher efficiency then you must choose the curved backward blades. 

  • There is a huge demand for these axial fans for ventilation and removal of mist and vapor.
  • Well suited for cooling down of the equipment rooms in garages 
  • Best for the application of general ventilation in foundries
  • This fan can also increase the airflow through the ductwork in various factories and manufacturing units

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