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Fundamental Benefits of Using Pulse Jet Bag Filters in Industries

The pulse jet bag filter is also known as pulse jet dust collector or pulse jet baghouse that works as the dry filtration system for self-cleaning. This dust collector cleaning equipment or system helps to remove the particulate matter from the internal surface of the filter media using compressed air bursts. The pulse jet bag filter is a common air pollution control equipment that is usually found in most workplaces including factories, warehouses, plants, etc. to meet air quality and safety requirements of the workplace to comply with the requirements of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

We manufacture and design customized high-quality pulse jet dust collector equipment and custom components to meet a wide variety of environments within different industries. The pulse jet bag filter does not contain any moving parts. Thus it offers reliable and continuous operations with an efficiency of superior filtration that is engineered to remove and collect potentially harmful particulate and gas fumes that enters into the work environment and make it unhealthy. 

Pulse jet bag dust collectors derived their name from short bursts or “pulses” of the compressed air that is used to clean the filter or the bag. In the pulse jet dust collector system, the dust collects on its external surface where it forms like a cake of dust. Either based on the pressure drop or timed basis, when the formed dust cake got to an appropriate thickness, then the controller activated its sequential pulse into the interiors of the pulse jet bag filters. one or more rows at the same time knock the dust cake and it gets freed from the filter and falls due to the gravity into a hopper and removes. The compressed air pulse mechanics are associated with an induced draft of additional air through the venturi nozzle. It creates a ripple effect and shock wave on the filter bag that helps to enhance its mechanical force at the very initial blast of the compressed air by itself. It helps to dislodge the particles of dust off the fabric.

Why Use Pulse Jet Bag Dust Collector In Industries?

Using the pulse jet filtration systems in your industry has various advantages as compared to other systems used for dust collection. The fundamental benefit to using pulse jet bag filters is their ability to clean online effectively. The duration of the compressed air within the pulse is typically in the range of 100 to 200 microseconds, which facilitates operations 24/7 without any kind of interruption to ventilation of the dusty air. Also, there is no shut-down period for cleaning bag filters.

The pulse jet bag filter and dust collector is incredibly versatile, in the terms of temperature range, gas, and pressure stream chemistries. Our manufactured pulse jet bag filters offer a wide range of designs along with the top/bottom side bag loads the configuration. We also provide cylindrical, square, rectangular housing styled dust collectors with a wide range of options related to the filter media such as bag type, or pleated media. Pulse jet bag dust collectors may be fabricated that have a variety of metals like carbon steel, aluminum, stainless steel, or other special alloys that meet the specific needs of the manufacturing environment.


High-quality efficient pulse jet dust collectors serve to comfort and dust-free environments to industries. Especially manufacturing environments like chemical industries, mineral processing plants, food processing plants, grain mills, steel mills, fabrication shops, metalworking plants, asphalt plants, and many more industries benefit from the pulse jet bag filters that maintain air quality and help to meet the EPA safety standards.

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