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Axial Flow Fans for Industries – Assured Efficient Airflow

Ventech Systems is one of the leading manufacturers of axial flow fans, providing a wide range of qualitative industrial fans that helps us to muster a huge base of customers. Axial Flow Fans offered by us are generally compact and have an easy installation process which is hugely in demand in the market. We provide best-in-class industrial equipment that follows international quality standards.

Our manufactured axial inline fans and blowers are unique and most efficient. Precision machining function in industrial fans helps to create a tight tip between the tips of blades and the housing of the fan. Internal straight vanes redirect the swirling airflow just after the impeller with linear flow discharges, then add the increased efficiency. The design and construction of the case are well suited to the indoor and outdoor phases of applications that can be installed in the ducted and non-ducted systems. These fans are designed to reduce the operating costs from the peak.

Applications of Industrial Axial Fans

We manufacturers of axial flow fans, designed such products to produce high-pressure ventilation. Such industrial-process applications require the central space to be set. It can be used to remove the fume, heat, and smoke from the place, and generate a cool, drying, comfortable, and ventilated environment. Good quality axial fans can handle industrial processes which require a large volume of air at low pressure.

Axial fans may be of various types like tube axial fans, vane axial fans, etc. that can be used for various industrial applications where the air distribution of the uniform downstream is required. Such fans are mostly used in wood, cement, paper, pharmaceutical, and steel industries. It helps to handle critical processes which require drying, ventilation, cooling, etc. 

Important Features of Axial Flow Fans

Some highlighted features of industrial axial fans are as follows:

  • Reliable in execution and operation.
  • Provide optimum realization in-between the air quality, air pressure, and consumption of the power.
  • Manufactured with components of premium quality.
  • Long-life functionalities.
  • Easy to install.

Final Words!

Generally, axial flow fans are suitable to produce a larger flow rate along with a small pressure gain. In different kinds of industries, such axial fans used to supply the fresh air, and also sucked the air from returned air trenches, rotary filters, exhausted air, etc.

Published by ventech systems

Ventech Systems is an ISO certified manufacturer of ventilation, air conditioning control systems and air pollution control systems where quality is on high priority.

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