Centrifugal Fans – Their Uses And How They Work

When fans were first invented, they were used to only blow air around to cool the environment.  As our society advanced, however, the use of fans spread to many other areas of human endeavor; automotive, aviation, electronics, etc. 

Now, apart from cooling, they are used for exhaust, combustion, aeration, ventilation, particulate transport, air-purification, and drying. So, depending on the specific requirements (pressure and airflow capabilities), the fans are designed accordingly. 

A good example of an industrial fan is a centrifugal fan, also known as a centrifugal blower. In comparison to axial fans, they are more cost-effective and have a simpler design. They are extensively used in HVAC (heating, ventilation, air-conditioning) and air pollution control systems. 

Mode of function: They are ideally suited for ducted applications since resistance to airflow is higher and airflow needs to be generated at high pressure. Their main role is the rapid escalation of fluids that pass through them. 

Components: They consist of the fan housing, impellers, inlet and outlet ducts, a drive shaft, and a driving mechanism. After the entry of air into the fan housing via the inlet duct, it reaches the center of the impeller. The driving mechanism helps the driving shaft to make the impellers rotate. Rotation of the impellers leads to the creation of kinetic energy, which gives high speed to airflow released from the outlet duct. 

The driving mechanism is the most important part of these fans, as it provides the required force for the impeller blades to rotate. 

Depending on their pressure generation capabilities, they can be classified into three categories: low pressure, medium pressure, and high pressure.

Depending on their blade designs, their classification is as follows.

  1. Airflow blade. They are efficient and quiet.
  2. Radial blade. They are ideal for dust removal and humidity control systems.
  3. Forward curve: They are most suitable for air pollution control, ventilation, and exhaust systems. 
  4. Backward curve: They are curved backward and have high efficiency. 

Ventech Systems are pioneers and leading manufacturers of centrifugal fans, which are customized to suit every client’s specific needs. Their prime focus has always been and continues to be on product quality and complete client satisfaction. For more details, contact today. 

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Ventech Systems is an ISO certified manufacturer of ventilation, air conditioning control systems and air pollution control systems where quality is on high priority.

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