Pulse Jet Bag Filters – Their Uses & Features

Pulse jet bag filters have a wide range of applications in various industries for dust collection and control of air pollution. A few examples of these industries are cement, steel, power, food processing, drugs, pharmaceuticals, and tyres. Pulse-jet filtration is an efficient and cost-effective process; it requires little maintenance. This is why it is a popular method of air filtration. 

As their name suggests, pulse jet bag filters remove dust and particulate matter from internal media filter surfaces with the help of bursts of compressed air. They contain no moving parts, so they enable continuous, uninterrupted operations with high filtration efficiency. This ensures that the industrial environment is free of all harmful particulate matter and fumes at all times and meets all the necessary safety standards. These filters are versatile and can be designed as per the client’s needs. 

Ventech Systems, leading manufacturers of pulse jet bag filters, offer a huge range of them with rectangular, square, and cyclonic configurations. They take care of most industrial requirements. The cyclonic configuration is ideal for rice, flour, and pulse mills. Their high dust collection efficiency of 99.997% gives them their good reputation and explains why they are in wide use. 

Pulse jet bag filters can be constructed with different kinds of materials, depending on where and how they are going to be used, e.g., mild steel, stainless steel. 

Here are some more salient features of Ventech’s pulse jet bag filters.

  • They have removable top access panels.
  • Top bag removal is from clean airside.
  • Bags and sleeves have a big range of sizes and fabrics. 
  • Heavy-duty, smooth wire cages support the bags. A collapsible design is also available.
  • Flanges are provided at the inlet, outlet, and dust particles charge hopper.
  • Non-woven synthetic and needle felt materials are generally used for the filter media. But, depending on the applications and characteristics of the particulate matter to be removed, other kinds of filter media may also be used. 

We hope you find the information mentioned above useful. In case you need pulse jet bag filters, do contact Ventech Systems. They would love to assist you. 

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Ventech Systems is an ISO certified manufacturer of ventilation, air conditioning control systems and air pollution control systems where quality is on high priority.

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