Common issues and Tips for repairing A Central Air Conditioning System!

Air conditioning systems are an inevitable elements to be used in industrial, commercial as well as household premises. To make work or home premises comfortable for workers and ensure proper incoming and outgoing of air, these systems play a very significant role. Centralised Air Conditioning System has been enhancing the quality and lifestyle from several years till now. In a formal and sure shot language, Air Conditioning is defined as the process to condition humidity, temperature and ventilation in buildings.

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Here we are describing some common problems & repairing of central air conditioning systems.

Tips to Troubleshoot central air conditioning system

If at a sudden, your centralized air conditioning system in noida loses your cooling power you might be able to find out the causes by yourself, however in certain cases you will have to contact an HVAC professional for better assistance. Well! Here are a few tips which will help you know everything about your home air conditioning system, and thus troubleshooting will become easy for you.  There might be a problem with Refrigerant, Compressor, Condenser, Expansion Valve and Evaporator coil. Sometimes there might also be an issue with the thermostat. The recommended way to start troubleshooting is to start with analyzing the symptoms of lost performance.

If AC system does not switch on

Potential reasons

If you’re not able to activate air conditioning system, the major possibility with the problem is with tripped circuit breaker or blown fuse, fault in thermostat or internal switch is switched off.

Potential solutions

  • Check whether thermostat is in cool position & isn’t positioned to off.
  • Also, be sure that the thermostat is set below current room temperature
  • Check that 240 volt circuit breaker controlling air conditioning compressor and 120 volt circuit breaker controlling furnace blower are switched on.
  • If circuit breaker trips or fuse blown, then reset circuit breaker or replace the fuse.
  • If these steps do not work, the possibilities are of serious issues like short circuit. And in such condition, you need to contact technician for relevant assistance.
  1. Poor airflow from cooling vents

Potential Reasons

Due to unclean air filter or ductwork airflow there might be condition of dirty airflow.

Potential Solutions

  • Check whether air filter in handling system  is clean. Replace it quick and replace with new clean air filter.
  • Check complete ductwork very precisely in order to ensure that it is neither disconnected or crimped.
  • Register dampers on vents in rooms in order to ensure that they are completely open.
  1. AC does not humidify the air in Oversized systems

Potential Reasons

  • Failure to fight with humidity can be caused by air conditioner that is very large for house.
  • If your system fails to sufficiently dehumidify and it short cycles an oversized system might be the reason.
  • A system that is oversized cools the air very fast that system is shut off by the thermostat before a sufficient amount of humid air makes its way around the cooling coil to get dehumidification.

Potential Solutions

  • The solution is to replace the condensing unit & coils with sufficiently sized system.
  • As a next alternative step you can also use an artificial way to cool load like extend air conditioning to our garage or basement space with additional ductwork.
  1. Insufficient cooling through a long cycle of compressor

Potential Causes

Insufficient cooling coupled with long ON cycle of compressor is a sign-in of a worn-out compressor that which has lost the ability of compressing refrigerant.

The compressor is received in outdoor housing unit, and when you listen it excessively running without cool air flowing within the house, you will come to know that you have an issue.

Potential Solutions

Contact a genuine technician and let him check the compressor and replace the part if required. Hope, you understood the blog very carefully.  If you’re looking for Air Conditioning System in Noida and nearby areas, then Ventech Systems is the best recommendation for you. For all kinds of air conditioning and air handling systems it is one of the best recommended places to join.

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