How Evaporative Air Cooling Technology is better than conventional air conditioning?

The last 100 years observed the height of massacre which can be done by humans to Earth’s natural resources. More than 50% of rain forests were cleaned up, ozone layer depleted and fossil fuels are near exhaustion. All such hazards collectively gave birth to a critical situation called global warming. To lessen the hazards due to environmental pollution, scientists have been continuously making effects to invent some technological alternatives. We Evaporative Air Cooling Systems is one among several technological alternatives that are playing a significant role in reducing environmental pollution.

Evaporative air cooling in india

Conventional room air conditioners (ACs) are based on state of the art cooling technology, but some experts don’t think it as advanced as it should be. Even modern room air conditioning systems are not much effective as they consume 5% of the county’s produced electricity.

Some air conditioners use chemicals as coolants for less consumption, but they are still not environment-friendly. Then what is the substitute? The answer is Evaporative Air Cooler in India.

Evaporative Air Cooling Systems

An Evaporative cooling system is a wonderful substitute for an air conditioning system in order to deliver a comfortable environment in hot & dry climatic conditions.

Such kind of air cooling systems deliver a greater cooling effect when the following conditions are available:

  1. Humidifier air draft is directed over the body of work person or in working zone.
  2. Exhaust fans positively exhaust old polluted air to the outside atmosphere
  3. Atmospheric space has comparatively high temperature and low humidity

Major Significances of Well build Evaporative

Effect of chilling wind

The airflow generated through fans decreases the effect of chilling wind felt by the body. The chilling effect of wind is specially used for increasing heat loss rate from the skin surface.

Productivity improvement

As per the data collected from researches, a comfortable working environment for work persons improve overall productivity. Evaporative Cooling Systems based on direct evaporative cooling technology makes the environment free from stress related to increasing temperature.

Comfort zone for human

Comfort zone for a human is defined as the situation that most people find a very comfortable environment to work in.

When it comes to calculating the viability of Evaporative Air Cooling Systems Noida in comparison to other control systems, they provide highly efficient temperature relief for all industrial and commercial environments. Also, they can be very economical; up to 80 percent in comparison to conventional cooling systems.

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