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High-Efficiency Cooling and Ventilation Systems Should Be a Climate Priority – Ventech Systems

The leaders of the G7 or Group of Seven have released a long communique after a recent meeting held in Cornwall that details their plans to address pandemics due to COVID-19. In the G7 meeting of the year 2019, which was ended with a long list of agreements, the summit yielded more alignment in this year of G7, particularly in climate change areas and energy transition.

Although the final list did not include measures that are needed to give the rise to the global temperature to 1.5 degrees Celsius, the climate and environmental agreements include some significant measures to prioritize efficiency. It doubles the efficiency of cooling systems that will have been sold by 2030.

Aim To Building Better ACs

In the year 2018, RMI launched Global Cooling Prize with a Mission to innovate the Department of Technology and Science of India. The prize of amount $1 million has been set out as an ambitious challenge that is for innovators to design and develop cost-effective cooling solutions with lower climate impacts at least 80 percent.

The team under the Global Cooling Prize estimated that winning technologies could scale and mitigate up to or more than 0.5C of the warming by the century’s end.

Accelerating The Progress

The Global Cooling Prize helps to prove that the superefficient air conditioning system runs on low-GWP refrigerants that are technologically feasible. But changes in the policy would help to accelerate the adoption and commercialization of efficient cooling units. As noted, most of the policymakers generally have two levers that are required to drive the efficiency of the advancement of AC, that is improvement in the systems of performance-rating for cooling products and creating technology-agnostic testing standards.

It is estimated that nearly 3.3 billion room ACs units will be sold and installed globally till 2050, due to the heat waves becoming more common up to time.

Looking Forward

Report of the G7 summit has been concluded that the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties, known as COP26 coming to fall when we look ahead for additional commitments and conversations that advance the sustainable cooling goal. The goal challenge to manufacturers to bring advanced AC units into the market by the year 2025 that have a lower climate impact of 80 percent.

If manufacturers can take superefficient air conditioning systems from the prototyping process to the final production, they can limit the climate impact of cooling as a large number of new ACs would hit the market in the coming decades. In this rapidly warming world, all that is that matters is survival.

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