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General Information About Axial Flow Fans – Concept, Design and Advantages

Axial flow fan is the type of compressor that helps to increase the pressure value of air flowing through the fan. Axial flow fans blades are used to force the air to make it move parallel to the shaft through which the blade rotates. In another way, the flow of axial fans can be axially-out or axially-in. 

The design of the axial fan is like it revolves around the propeller and generates the pressure difference. It results in a suction force that retains the airflow all the time across the fan. The main components of axial fans mainly include the number of used blades and the design of each blade.

Understand Designing Of Axial Flow Fans

  • To optimize the 3-D shape of axial fans, the technique of its IDP (Inverse Design Problem) is based on the given or desired rate of airflow.
  • The geometrical design of blades of redesigned fans can be generated by using different variables of designs. It allows constructing the shape of the fan’s blade completely. Thus, the technique to estimate the parameter of IDP can be used.
  • The rate of the airflow can be improved, by improving the axial-flow fan’s performance.
  • The desired rate of volume of the airflow is obtained from the existing airflow rate by multiplying it with a constant rate.
  • In the last, verify the validity of these industrial fans by analyzing the prototype of blades of the optimal axial flow fan. The performance of the test is conducted with blades of these fans based on standards.

Advantages of Using Axial Fans

  • The design of Optimal Aerodynamic of impeller fans provides higher efficiency.
  • Consumption of low power.
  • Fans with a longer life generally have improved mechanical strength.
  • The reduction in the overall weight of the fan extends the life of its mechanics.
  • It needs a lower drive motor that is bearing a system of light-duty.
  • Lower the level of airflow and mechanical noise as compared to the conventional fan.

Final Words

Axial Flow Fan is a different thing from Centrifugal Fans and Blowers in the way air moves. However, Centrifugal Fans and Blowers draw air in the inlet side by using the wheel of one type out of seven. 

The axial flow fan draws air through wheels and discharges the air at an angle of 90 degrees. These fans move the air with a propeller with the help of a wheel that is called a Blower.

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