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Role Of Centrifugal Fans & Blowers in Steel And Iron Industry

In India, the importance of the steel and iron industry can not be denied, as all other industries majorly depend on it. Steel is one of the necessary elements needed to manufacture different machinery as required by various industries. A wide range of consumer products, equipment, construction materials is needed for different fields such as scientific, medical, and defense. Steel is basically produced to utilize either in the blast and electric furnaces. Now, centrifugal fans are widely used in such processes.

These industrial fans and blowers are used for heating and drying iron pellets, cool products, and provide combustion air that cleans waste gases along with handling dust particles. In a blast furnace, these industrial fans needed to blow preheated blast into the furnace during the manufacturing process.

Choose Right Industrial Fan For The Right Process

As noticed, centrifugal fans have various applications for the steel and iron industry. Using the wrong industrial fan can increase several challenges related to dust load, speed, tear, wear, etc. Thus, it is important to select and use the right industrial fan for the right process to ensure that it is coming from a reliable manufacturer.

Sintering Plant

Sinter can also be said as the porous mass of the iron and other materials which fused at high temperatures. In the sintering process, coke fines, iron ore fines, and flux are needed to heat together which creates a mass of semi-molten. The mass solidified for porous nodules that can also be called the iron sinters fed into blast furnaces. 

A wide variety of fans is involved in a sintering plant that includes industrial cooling fans, industrial hot air fans, forced draught combustion fans, induced draught fans, etc. Hot air fans are used to recover heat from sintered products for the process of cooling and recycling fans that are used to cool sintered iron nodules. Draught fans are used to draw away gases during the dust removal system. Forced draught combustion fans help to provide the air that is necessary to support the combustion process.

Pelletization Plant

Pelletization plant involves two types of industrial fans for the process i.e. FD fan, and ID fan. The ID fan is used to recycle the heat from waste gases from the kiln that helps to heat and dry pellets. After this stage of pellet drying, gases used to be forced through the process of dust removal.

On the other hand, FD fans are used to supply the air from surroundings to cool down pellets that are helpful in the handling of downstream material. These fans draw away dust from gases that are coming from the dust removal system. It releases clean air out to the atmosphere.

Coke Making

Centrifugal fans are also used in the coke and ovens industries for multiple purposes. It provides air combustion to coke ovens, removes the off-gas, and collects by-products that are created in coke-oven. Industrial centrifugal fans are important to reduce the water temperature that is used to cool the blast furnace.

Blast Furnace

Producing steel and iron with the process of blast furnace, centrifugal industrial fans are used for three purposes i.e. cooling, heating, and exhaust. A heating fan supplies the preheated air, also known as the blast air, into a furnace to burn up coke. The furnace gas from the oven draws away with the help of exhaust fans.

Winding Up

With the help of a deep research and analysis, it has been concluded that centrifugal fans and blowers are an indispensable part of the steel and iron industry. Applications and types of such fans are varied. Choosing the right fan is important to manufacture units that allow you to face limited long-run problems.

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