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Tips for Pulse Jet Bag Filter Air Consumption Maintenance to Extend its Durability

Pulse-jet bag filter derived its name from jet pumps that can be used to generate high pressure. The pulses mean short compressed air which can be used to clean filters. Pulse jet bag filter air consumption is a very useful and beneficial industrial filtration system. One can use this amazing device to remove dust and particulate contaminants from the surface of workplaces, such as warehouses, industries, factories, and big or small manufacturing plants.

In this write-up, we are going to discuss some useful tips on the maintenance of a pulse jet bag filter that extends its longevity. Also, we discuss precautions that one should take during the pulse jet baghouse operation.

How to Maintain Jet Pulse Air Filter to Ensure Smooth and Efficient Operation

Pulse-jet bag filter systems require regular maintenance service on a monthly, weekly, and daily basis that ensures smooth and efficient work operations. There are some important tips to maintain filter and improve performance are given below:

  • One should check and notice readings of the differential pressure gauge daily that will help you in rectifying problems and will let you know when the pulse jet bag filter air consumption system malfunctions.
  • To avoid damage and failure of the machine, clean tube lines and sensors of the device regularly.
  • To detect the potential filter failure, perform leakage testing regularly. One can use monochromatic lights and leak detection powders to find the exact source or point of the leakage.
  • If a machine has any kind of vibration, variation in operational standards, and periodic squealing, then one should check and service the exhaust fan immediately.
  • To avoid choking in the system, regular cleaning of the duct and inspections are necessary.
  • Timely check and ensure that the diaphragm valves are not leaking.
  • To prevent the wastage of compressed air replace the worn-out diaphragm.
  • Ensure proper functioning of the machine by conducting regular inspections and required service of filter media. 
  • A regular periodic test to check the quality of dust cake is also important.
  • One should always use jet pulse air filter provided by the original manufacturer that maintains consistency in the quality and efficiency of the material.

Safety Precautions for Pulse Jet Bag Filter Air Consumption

In this section we are suggesting that everyone who is coming into close contact with the pulse jet baghouse operation should follow instructions as prescribed below:

  • Place appropriate safety messages and signal words around filters. It includes WARNING, NOTICE, DANGER, and CAUTION.
  • Train company’s employees with proper working procedures, guide operational steps with the equipment and related safety measures.
  • Give limited access to the filter. Only to authorized persons.
  • One should follow proper installation, operation, and maintenance instructions that are given on the manual.
  • Without taking any permission from the manufacturer department, avoid any kind of unauthorized modification.
  • Safety decals should always be clean and legible. If damaged and missing, then replace illegible decals with other similar parts that have information as originals.
  • Before starting the jet pulse air filter machine servicing process, one must shut down the power system and release the pressure.
  • Ensure that all doors to access, guards, and covers are safe and secure while operating the pulse jet bag filter air consumption system.
  • Close the door with an airstream that is resulting in injury and entrapment.
  • While dealing with flying ash in the hopper, take strict cautions to take quite a long time to cool down.
  • For the protection of eyes and whole body, put on protective gear before rodding a hopper.
  • To open a hopper, one should not use a ladder to access it during pulse jet baghouse operations.
  • Without having an emergency, don’t open an ash-filled hopper.
  • Before getting inside a hopper, make sure that the hopper is ventilated and cold.

Final Words

In this blog, we have provided you top tips on the maintenance of pulse jet bag filter air consumption that will help you to extend their durability. With the provided information, you can probably select the best and efficient jet pulse air filter for your industrial applications. However, in case you have any concerns regarding pulse bag jet filter equipment, feel free to contact us.

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