Superior Industrial Centrifugal Fans and Blowers Manufacturer

VENTECH engineered and designed high-efficiency industrial centrifugal fans and blowers incorporated with all the latest designs and required improvements. These systems cooperate with several types of industrial applications like Fume or Vapour Exhaust, Dust Handling, Material Conveying, Induced Draft, Forced Draft, etc. forth in Foundries, Power Plants, Engineering Industries, Cement and Chemical producing plants. These industrial blowers and fans are designed in such a way to meet customer’s specifications.

Construction Features of Industrial Centrifugal Fans and Blowers

VENTECH offers a wide range of centrifugal blower fans designed with various highly efficient several types of impellers such as Backward Inclined, Backward Curved, Backward Flat Sloping, Forward Curved, and Straight Radial. This blowers and fans manufacturers provide the final product depending upon the required application and customer’s specifications. 


  • Centrifugal fans are made up of rigid casing mild steel (IS 1079/2062) with an inspection window and drain plug. 
  • The blower fan for industries generally have a circular air inlet and a rectangular cross-section air outlet port. 
  • They have continuously welded fan housings to provide strength and durability for longevity.
  • The use of conical shrouds makes these fans less susceptible to lose performance that leads to poor inlet conditions. 
  • All housing outlets have managed connections used for easy connection to ducting. 


  • The impeller wheels used in industrial centrifugal fans and blowers are made up of multiple types of blades including special contour blades engineered to handle varied quality air streams. 
  • All impeller wheels are balanced as per the provision of international standard ISO: 1940 for smooth operation. 


These blowers and fans manufacturers provide standard service except direct-driven blowers. Industrial blowers and fans supplied grease-lubricated heavy-duty double row ball or spherical roller bearings ensuring smooth operation. Bearings of blowers with cooling discs are led with special grease grades suitable for high temperatures.

Optional Construction


If these blower fan for industries are required to handle corrosive fumes / abrasive dust, then they can be manufactured with stainless steel, carbon steel, and aluminum. FRP lining and metal spray finishes can also be offered at the customer’s request.


Sometimes, situations arise when industrial centrifugal fans and blowers applications need to handle potentially explosive or flammable particles, fumes, or vapors. Thus, such applications require careful consideration of the system designer to ensure safety from such gases. It is the user’s responsibility to specify a spark-resistant construction type along with the full recognition of potential hazards and the degree of protection required.


Swing-out fans are ideal applications when it comes to the frequent inspection and cleaning of the centrifugal blower fans’s wheels and interior of the housing.


All blower fan for industries are designed to permit the removal of the impeller from the fan inlet. In order to facilitate the installation as well as transportation, Ventech Systems Pvt. Ltd. offers horizontal split and pie-shaped split housings. It allows fans and blowers to remove the impeller and shaft without disconnecting the ductwork.


Different industrial blowers and fans are designed to handle airstream temperatures up to 425°C. One can consult for applications with temperatures over 425°C if required. We recommend keeping the fan bearings outside of the hot airstream if the temperature is below 55°C ambient.

The End Line!

Ventech Systems is providing a wide range of air pollution control equipment including industrial centrifugal fans and blowers. These systems help to manage the optimum temperature in industries and provide a hygienic working environment.

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Ventech Systems is an ISO certified manufacturer of ventilation, air conditioning control systems and air pollution control systems where quality is on high priority.

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