How To Choose The Right Centrifugal Fans For Your Plant

The basic function of centrifugal fans is to drive air from one place to another. They have diverse applications: cooling, drying, conveying, ventilation, etc. The Centrifugal fan manufacturers offer different types of fans with different sizes, with each type offering certain benefits. 

So, while purchasing the right centrifugal fans for your industrial setup, you need to choose the ones that are reliable, have the right design and material, fulfill your process requirements, and give optimum efficiency. Your choice will depend on several factors. A few of them are given below.

Fan type and size:

Depending on their fan blade configuration, centrifugal fans have different designs, e.g., backward inclined, radial blade, forward curved, airfoil design. They deliver different airflow rates at different pressures. If you choose an under-sized fan, it may not meet the variable demand conditions of the industrial process in question. If you use over-sized fans to increase efficiency, you may end up with higher capital and operation costs and lower reliability.

Airflow rate:

It determines how well the fan system will handle the material against the system resistance. Wrong ducting and improper installation of dampers, for instance, may have an adverse impact on airflow. It will not carry the material through the system to the destination point if proper velocity is not maintained. 

Static pressure:

Ducts and other system components restrict airflow, so you need to consider the pressure drop through them while selecting the fan. 

The density of the air to be moved:

Air density varies from the standard because of many factors, e.g., altitude, moisture, temperature, presence of other gases. If the fan works in a system where the material in question has a higher or lower density than the standard, you need to correct the standard conditions. So, while choosing the centrifugal fans, you must consider the effect of these factors on the air density. 

We hope you find the above information useful. 

Whenever you need centrifugal fans for your industrial or commercial setup, do contact Ventech Systems. They are leading manufacturers and their products fulfill clients’ every specific need with complete satisfaction. 

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