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What Parameters To Consider While Choosing An Industrial Dust Collector?

It’s very important to select the right industrial dust collector, and the right decision is a blessing for the long term. Dust collectors not only clean air but also act as a strong mean to improve the efficiency of the employee, increasing employee comfort, helping to ensure comfortable work environment, and reducing maintenance cost. In other means, clean and dust-free work premises have some-how lesser or a broader impact on organizational growth.

Here, we’ll discuss the major factors you need to consider when you are about to purchase.

Think What’s Your Application

To be an owner of the best suitable Industrial Dust collector, it is a must for you to determine the applications. In some applications, the baghouse dust collector is needed, and in others, a cartridge dust collector is a perfect match.

Baghouse collectors are effective in extreme loading and larger particulate. They have large life cycle, however, cartridge folders are known to handle applications with heavy dust like wood & grain dust.

What is the Type of Dust?

Dust is of a different kind, however, the property of dust is considerable. Some measure properties are size, texture, moisture, etc. cartridge dust collectors are effective in the collection of fine, dry, and powdery dust. On the contrary, baghouse collectors are best in collecting oily and sticky dust.

How Size Matters?

Before purchasing an industrial dust collector, you need to determine the size of the required dust collector. For example-ambient type is effective to clean general shop air, however, source capture works when you are about to pick particulate at the point of pollution.

How the rate of dust production matter?

There are a few significant factors that define the responsibility of dust production rate of any source while choosing the dust collection system. Also, you need to check what is the number of machines that are producing dust.

Location, ( Indoors Or Indoors) is also an important point of consideration when you are about to choose a system.  

Apart from this, you should make an exact calculation of installation requirements for any system. You should also plan the design of the duct, and layout while purchasing a dust collection system.

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