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Five Major Industrial Processes that use Centrifugal Fans and Blowers

Centrifugal fans are brought forward with forward or backward curved blades. The remarkable characteristics of external rotor motors having flat designs created through integration of external rotor motors into the impeller. Blowers are a small piece of device with scroll housing however centrifugal fans are shipped without scrolls.The complete range of blowers is made available in AC and EC technology. Integrating advanced technology, using top-notch material, employing experienced working staff and following ethical business practices makes Ventech Systems as a trusted Manufacturers of Centrifugal Fans

There are different ways for using centrifugal fans in multiple industries like transporting, air/gas, drying, material handling.etc.
Dust Collection/De-dusting Application
Those who really understand the high standards our manufacturing technology really appreciate our work. Their positive and valuable feedback work as a great sense of motivation for us. It is our promise that we deliver progressive results into the marketplace.  Small factories to large industrial applications centrifugal fans have wide usage in dust collection & de-dusting process.
The process of de-husting needs broad range of centrifugal fan types working on principle of pressure and depression types systems.
Conveyance of Material
For conveyance of material, the category of centrifugal fans is based on density of material. As different types of industrial processes need several kinds of materials in order to handle via multiple operations and procedures, the fan needs to produce sufficient air velocity for moving material & convey it to the destination point. The centrifugal fans used in material handling high pressure radial fans or exhauster paddle wheel fans.
Cooling Applications
Different kinds of centrifugal fans are widely used in heat reduction applications where cold air is released for cooling the industrial material. For example, cooling fans are utilized in cement industry for blowing cooling air for reducing the temperature of the clinker.
Drying applications
Special kinds of centrifugal fans with forced or induced draft category are used in industrial processes for drying applications. Different category of centrifugal fan categories include- Radial fans, backward inclined, backward curved etc, for circulation of air required to control the temperature & moisture of materials.
Air Recirculation 

Boilers & burners are widely used in so many industries for the production of heat & energy. The air recirculation needs a stable & consistent airflow for the maintenance of proper fuel combustions. Fans in industrial boilers allow fresh air to flow into the system for maintaining sufficient oxygen levels for proper combustion of fuel.

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