An overview of the different types of centrifugal fan

One question that is common to most of the people is- what centrifugal fans are used for? The best usage of these fans is to exhaust smoke and other particulates from the premises, especially from factories and industries. These fans are equipped with blades that help to drag air into circular motion with centrifugal forces. Centrifugal fans will move the air in the outward direction through ducts or tubes. When you buy the best quality fans from trusted centrifugal fan manufacturers in Indiayou make sure that there is no smoke or fumes in your establishment.

Let’s learn about the different types of these centrifugal fans that are categorized according to their fan blades:
Radial Blade Fans: This kind of fan is also known as paddle fans. It consists of the impeller that helps in ventilation. Radial blade centrifugal fans are used in those places where moderate pressure industrial applications are needed. The main objective of this fan is to generate a pressure of medium to high range for moving a high volume of fluid. If you are looking for this kind of fan then always contact noted Centrifugal Fan Manufacturers.
Forward Curved Fans: In this fan, the wheel type is of the squirrel cage. There are forward blades in the impeller which curved and small in size. It is mostly used in those places where there are low speed and low-pressure applications. Because of this reason, these forward-curved fans are considered suitable for the applications of furnaces, station units and many more.
Inline Fans: One of the important types of centrifugal fan is Inline fans that have backward inclined wheels with tube axial case. It is known to have a sturdy and rugged design that means this fan can withstand high impacts. These can be utilized for straight airflow. On comparison with other fans, the inline fans are less efficient. This makes it suitable for has low-pressure applications such as ventilation and heating.

Based on efficiency and air pressures, all these fans are categorized and serve different industrial requirements of ventilation. But, before you buy any fan, you need to find a few names of reckoned Manufacturers of centrifugal fansWith them, you can get the centrifugal fans that are well suited for your industrial needs. Check the reviews of the manufacturer and clients testimonials before making any deal. 

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