What is Air Conditioning System And Their Basic Components?

Air conditioning is an important part of your life, so you must know how the air conditioning system works and their basic components. Air conditioning is the process of changing the properties of air according to their favorable conditions. Air Conditioning “AC” used to create and maintain the certain temperature in indoor spaces at home or office. AC offers much-needed relief during hot summers. Air conditioning system maintaining the required level of temperature. Air conditioning is an important part of your life, so you must know how the air conditioning system works. for more, here we explain the five basic components of an air conditioning system which enable it to provide cooling and heating, as required. These basic components are well-discussed below.

air conditioning system

Five Basic Elements of Air Conditioning System


It is known as the air conditioning system engine and it functions together with a substance to transform the gas into a liquid. The main function of these basic elements of the air conditioning system is to convert low-pressure gas into a high-pressure gas, which also has a high temperature. In this compression process, the gap space between molecules get narrowed down, creating as gas called energized gas. now, the energized gas comes out of the compressor to enter into the condenser.

Condenser Coil

Fitted into the condenser coil which main function to cools down the high-pressure gas and converts it back into a liquid. The main function of the condenser coil is taken to the next part of the air conditioner named as the evaporator. Both compressor and condenser on the outside of your house that you can also see.


It is located  inside the centre house of air conditioning system that usually found near the furnace. With an extremely thin pipe, it is linked with the condenser. Now the high-pressure gas changed into the low-pressure liquid. The decreasing pressure in this section turns the liquid into a gas again. In this evaporation process, the working fluid takes away the heat from the air and cools it off. now the working comes out of the evaporator in the form of a gas to again get compressed by the compressor. All this process happens cyclically.

Air Handler and Blowing Unit:

Both parts of air conditioning system work together to draw room air to the evaporator and disseminate the cool air all over your house. With the help of a duct system, the path of airflow in the room is facilitated.

Thermostat: It is used to maintain the temperature by regulating the heat energy flowing inside and outside of it. Thermostat can be set automatically or manually, depending on the features element of air conditioning system.

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