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Introducing the list of Air Handling And Pollution Control Equipments by Ventech Systems India

Environment conditions matter the most when it comes to improving the overall work efficiency of man or machinery at premises. Companies involved in different industry verticals find the necessity of Air Handling and Pollution Control Equipment. Based on the prevailed requirements, there are various categories of equipment available in the market place in order to control temperature and maintain a suitable temperature for the humans and objects lying there.

Ventech Systems, being a renowned name in Air Engineering Systems possessing ISO quality certification, has been contributing to the HVAC industry.  Have a look at some of the trusted Equipment offered by Ventech Systems.

Axial Flow Fans

Fit for Industrial Ventilation, Air Conditioning And Dust & Fume Extraction

Axial flow fans are a special kind of temperature control equipment using air to draw air and discharging it in the same axial directions. It is a category of compressor that increases the pressure value of that flows through it. Blades are provisioned to force complete air in order to move parallel to the shaft. The design in axial fan depends upon the design of the propeller that creates pressure difference concluding suction force.

Most often blade materials are made of aluminum alloy, and applications include helicopters, hydrofoils, hovercrafts, cooling towers, and wind tunnels.

Various categories of axial flow fans include ceiling fans, motor vehicle cooling fans, table fans, PC fans.

Advantages Are-

  • The aerodynamic design of impellers ensure high efficiency
  • It needs low drive motor rating & light duty bearings
  • Consume less power and possess high efficiency
  • Less noise in comparison to conventional fans

Centrifugal Blowers & Fans

Centrifugal Fans and Blowers manufactured at the start-of-the-art facilities where each & every step is monitored by experts based on high-quality and technology requirements. The blowers of Centrifugal fans are designed according to customer’s individual specifications. Noted amongst the trusted centrifugal fan manufacturers in India, we put ahead a variety depending on impeller types like Backward Inclined, Backward Curved, Backward flat sloping, Forward curved, Straight radial.

The two configurations-SWSI and DWDI with diameters upto 2050 mm. wg., single-stage ( 1200 mm wg.) & double stage pressure upto 2500 mm wg. And temperature upto 425-degree Celcius.

Evaporative Air Cooling Units

Evaporative coolers are very effective, pocket and environment-friendly methods of cooling. Also, there are a few necessary steps to note down while operating evaporative coolers. It is never a suitable option to operate evaporative coolers in closed area without ventilation. Evaporative Air Cooling In India based on evaporative cooling principle where air the idea is to think of air as a type of sponge. Once the and water come in contact, it absorbs and becomes damp or humid air.

  • The air cooler by Ventech systems are admired owing to their following features:
  • Produces fresh air for excellent indoor air quality
  • Clean airflow with a dust-free environment
  • Dilute viral density in air and chances of infection from the virus are reduced at a great extent
  • The installation of products provides a high return on investment, energy savings up to 60% and consider the low operating cost.

Ventech Systems has always promoted itself to improvise new technologies and make positive efforts to add value to the environment and make it healthy. Two-stage evaporative coolers are the combination of both direct and indirect evaporative cooling.

Published by ventech systems

Ventech Systems is an ISO certified manufacturer of ventilation, air conditioning control systems and air pollution control systems where quality is on high priority.

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