An Introduction on Pulse Jet Bag Filters and Rotary Air Locks Technology

Reducing the level of industrial air pollution is understood as an essential part of any of the industry premises. Dust Collectors and Rotary Air Locks both come into the category of pollution control equipment having immense significance in optimizing the pollution control. In the description, there is a basic overview of different kinds of dust collectors and rotary airlock systems.

pulse jet bag filters

Cyclone Separators

High-quality dust collection efficiency cyclone separators are affordable and meant for stringent particulate pollution control & material recovery. It is specially used as a priority collector with or without bag filters for separating dust of medium to coarse particle size. Here are the size and capacity range details.

  • Size ranging from 400mm diameter to 2400mm diameter
  • Capacity ranging from 1000 CMH to 45000 CMH

Pulse Jet Bag Filters

Pulse Jet Bag filters provided by Ventech systems are setting excellent industry standards. Each & every stage of the manufacturing process is carried upon with special care following advanced technology. The selection of raw material, technology and ways to improvise them all is decided by a team of highly qualified experts. The complete range of bag filters is brought forward in both cyclonic and rectangular configurations. Such categories of bag filters are known to are economically efficient in fulfilling the requirements of multipurpose industrial applications in order to collect dust and controlling air pollution.

These bag filters ensure a high dust collection efficiency of 99.97% proving their utility in critical dust generation processes. Pulse-jet bag systems continuously provide automatic online bag cleaning where the capacity range is from 1000 CMH to 350000 CMH.

Rotary Air Locks

Rotary airlocks are a low cost solution to fulfill the needs of dust collector discharge valves. It is suitable to be used as a light-duty option for standard dust collection applications. Such kind of airlocks is used as an efficient system for the airlock to measure material and discharging it constantly. Constructed with robust cast iron body and covers, they have bearings inboard and shafts sealed with lip seals.

With an efficient range of Dust collector systems, objectives can be summarized below:

  • Providing reliable dust collection solution by employing advanced dust collector engineering designs
  • Implementing innovation in specialized nozzle based cleaning system
  • Adding quality and value back in dust collectors.

Offering users the flexibility of customizing dust collectors according to their requirements.

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Ventech Systems is an ISO certified manufacturer of ventilation, air conditioning control systems and air pollution control systems where quality is on high priority.

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